Thursday, April 07, 2011

10 of a Kind: Favorite Sitcoms!

This week's installment of 10 of a Kind focuses on my favorite US television sitcoms! Well, at least, it's 10 of my favorites, anyway. Certainly there are favorite TV shows of mine that fit into the sitcom formula (such as The Monkees) that aren't on this list... but there you go! Rather than explain what it is about each of these shows that appeals to me, I'm going to (hopefully) post a clip from YouTube that I think will help show you what it is about these 10 shows that make them favorites!

1.The Big Bang Theory

2.Barney Miller

3.Night Court

4.Home Improvement

5.3rd Rock From the Sun

6.The Addams Family
You'll have to sit through a commercial first on this one...

A full episode here!

8.The Bob Newhart Show

Here's the first part of one episode!


A full episode of this one, too!

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