Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

First up this week is an ad from Charlton's Atomic Mouse #26 (although I'm sure it appeared in other Charltons from the same publishing month). Let's start with the top ad, shall we? "Send for your trip to Disneyland on records" -- say WHAT?!? Okay, even with the full color aerial map of Disneyland, I don't see how this could really give you much of the Disneyland experience, as the sound is only a small part of going to Disneyland. I find it really amusing that the text calls it "the ideal gift," too! Okay, so this was well before the days of home video cameras, and I'd imagine that most families who did own an 8mm movie camera probably didn't have sound, so if you had gone to Disneyland and wanted to try to relive the experience, this probably was about as close as you got (although I'd imagine paired up with the appropriate View-Master discs, it would be much better... hmm... I've been collecting the Disneyland View-Masters, and now that I think of it, having this record set would dovetail nicely with my plans to create videos with my View-Master collection in the distant future).

Below that, it's an ad for the Jr. Artists Club, which is something I'd never heard of before -- I would think that if this ad had been in the comics I read as a child, I'd be begging my parents to get me a membership to it, as I was always drawing back then! I tried to Google up some information on this, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there to tell me more about it!

Next, we have a house ad from the same issue, promoting Charlton's 68-page books for 15 cents each! Apparently Atomic Mouse either was the headline character for Charlton, or else that graphic got changed in each book it appeared in (I suspect the former, myself). You'll note that while they do some representation of the genres Charlton offered (Funny Animals, Mystery, Western, and Love), the listing of the books themselves aren't organized within those genres! I'm pretty sure this was between one of Charlton's superhero periods. One thing that jumps right out at me are the titles that don't fit those genres, such as the war books (a Charlton specialty -- probably more of those than some other genres at the time), as well as books like Racket Squad in Action and Robin Hood and His Merry Men -- those don't fit any of the genres listed, do they? Also consider the hot rod/racing titles!

Also in this month's Charltons was this ad for the Jet "Rocket" Space Ship, which certainly reminds me of the fabled atomic submarine that was also offered! If you read the fine print, you'll see it's mentioned as being made of "fiberboard" -- that's a pretty sneaky way of avoiding the word "cardboard," isn't it? Still, I'd imagine that any kid who got this was probably considered the coolest kid in their neighborhood (at least until it began to fall apart).

The last ad from this same month of Charlton titles is an oddball one, to say the least! Now, I'm sure you're all familiar with the public service features that DC Comics ran (I don't recall seeing anything similar in any Marvel book), but this is the first time I've seen something like this in a Charlton book, and it's promoting going to church! I wonder if this same ad ran in the horror/mystery titles? It's kind of funny that the family presented here shows a mother who's apparently nodding off to sleep in the middle of the sermon!

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