Friday, September 02, 2011

Toy of the Week #1: Agent Zero M!

In the midst of the early to mid 1960s spy craze that began with James Bond and went on through The Man From UNCLE and Get Smart!, Mattel decided it was a good time to cash in without paying any of those bothersome licensing fees with a line of toys that could almost be seen as a precursor to the Transformers!

The Agent Zero M line of toys were all items that looked like everyday objects, but with a press of a button or twist of the wrist, you could change them into guns!

Here's a mini-gallery of some of the toys...
It's a camera... wait, no! It's a gun!

It's a radio... wait, no! It's a gun!

And here's a commercial for it:

Apparently the line did well, because they also tried a western-themed line (no doubt inspired by The Wild Wild West) called Agent Zero W, and you can see one item for that below:

This was a pretty cool line of toys, one that many people remember fondly! In fact, I recall that Joel Hodgson used to include some Agent Zero M toys in his stand-up act! In the clip below, about the 10 minute mark, you can see him using the radio toy:

If this tiny bit of information makes you interested in adding some of these toys to your collection (or you just want to see what else there was), click on this link to see what's currently up for sale on eBay! Recent sales of these toys ranged anywhere from $10 for a loose one in decent condition to upwards of $300 mint on card or in box!

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