Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

Still looking at ads from Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #7 this time around!
There's several ads here of interest to me! Let's go clockwise, starting from the upper left, shall we? Obviously, this is another example of the "kids who read comics must be interested in stamp collecting" ad, and it must've been successful for those advertisers, considering how many stamp ads I've come across! The stamp in question was a Walt Disney US commemorative stamp, and I don't know how they could claim that people were paying up to $1,000 for it, considering the stamp is only worth about $1.06 these days -- maybe there was a speculator's market on this stamp happening?

The next ad I want to talk about is the "You Can Learn to Draw Comics" ad, which I know I've seen in all sorts of comics. I never responded to this, though... what I really wanted to know was who the superhero presented there was! Anyway, as you can see, the ad is really for information on the "Art Director's Course," which I'd guess was another of those learn art by mail things.

The magic trick ad is pretty cool just for the retro-styled magician featured in it!

The next ad I want to look at is this ad for the compact binoculars on the top half of the page... and I have to admit, I'm rather surprised at how restrained the advertiser was here, only showing conventional use of binoculars, as opposed to how some purchasers would've considered using them for (such as spying on attractive women from a distance).

The last ad I'm showing you today is an unusual one for me, personally, because it's actually for something that I think my family had when I was a child! This set of cartoony-looking plastic animals is billed here as a play zoo collection, but I could swear that we had these exact same animals sold with a Noah's Ark toy that could be used to store them in. I don't know how we got them, although I'd imagine it had to have been purchased in the store. Anyone want to guess why the hippo was chosen to be the most prominent animal in the ad?

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