Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

And we're still looking at ads from Gold Key's Hanna-Barbera Fun-In this time around, looking at ads from issue #5! First up is this Johnny Lightning 500's ad featuring winning race car driver Al Unser! I do find it interesting that they claim that their non-motorized car is faster than Mattel's Hot Wheels Sizzlers, which was a fairly short-lived variation with a motorized Hot Wheel. The biggest problem, as I recall, with the Sizzlers was that you had to charge them up by plugging them into this "gas station" that you'd put a couple of D batteries in, and then the charge would probably run down before you were really done playing.

Aw, look at the cutsie-wootsie animal prints... don't they just make you want to puke? I know I'm glad that we don't have these hanging in our house!

Now, here's a pretty appealing mail-in offer! Two bucks and the word "Flintstones" cut off of the package of your Flintstones vitamins, and you get this (presumably) inflatable Fred Fintstone! That sounds like a pretty good deal to me, even in 1970s money! Of course, I don't ever recall seeing one of these offered on eBay, so perhaps they weren't too durable, eh?

And finally, here's another of those B-B Gun ads that stresses how realistic it is, and how great it is to shoot stuff! Okay, I'll admit it, I wanted a B-B gun when I was a kid, too, but as an adult, I can see how these would be less than desirable by parents!

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