Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cool Stuff: Batman Stuff!

It's all-Batman this week!
And first item on hand to look at this week is this pair of rings from Argentina, year of manufacture unknown. They look kind of like vending machine items to me!

Next, in a woefully small size, is this Batman Poster Puzzle from Aurora. If the image looks familiar, it's because the same art was used for the Comic Scenes reissue of the 1960s Batman model!

Corgi Jr. Batcopter, on card!

Here's a Batcycle that I've been wondering about for some time, especially since I've seen a very similar motorcycle with Spider-Man driving it, and the Hulk (way out of scale, too small) in the sidecar. It bears no resemblance to any Batcycle I've seen anywhere, so I suspect it's a bootleg item!

This Batcycle is equally suspect, if you ask me... the lack of manufacturer identification (at least, one that's recognizable to me) along with the fact that I don't see any copyright information on it suggests it's also a bootleg!

This remote-controlled Batcycle, on the other hand, is definitely a legit AHI item, duly licensed!

Did I just post a photo of this same Batmobile last week? Well, here's another one, then!

Here's a Batmobile of unknown origin (possibly a Mexican bootleg) that's just wonky enough I had to share it!

Here's an AHI Batplane toy, out of the box! Must've been a battery-operated model with flashing lights.

I've long wondered why there seem to have been so many Batman bike accessories... in the 1960s, there was this bizarre ornament, with a full figure of Batman on a spring to bob around! And then there was the 1970s Batman Bike Horn seen below:
That is bizarre-looking, isn't it? I half expected to see that it had a floppy mini vinyl cape attached to it! Another Batman bike accessory was this bike reflector (another item I could swear I've posted recently):
Oddly, this one I don't have a problem with, conceptually.

This set of Batman bolo ties (probably 1966 vintage) would, in most Cool Stuff posts, be probably the oddest piece of Batman merchandise of the post, but wait...

Where do I even start with this?!? Batman candy cigarettes, complete with an image of Batman holding some kind of gun! Remember, someone had to approve this licensing!

Now, as bizarre an idea as a Bat Grenade is, I have to really call attention to the picture of Batman on the package, where they helpfully added Batman's name to the bat-insignia, as if they got their art model from a Ben Cooper Halloween costume! Were they really expecting someone to think, "Good thing they put Batman's name on that picture, because I wouldn't have otherwise made the connection between the guy with the dark mask with bat-ears and the picture of the guy with the dark mask and bat-ears on that Batman logo!"

Here's a Batman-themed card game, though it's called a Robin card game (and it has a Superman S-shield right on the back of the cards). What's most interesting to me is that the artwork is clearly based on standard licensing artwork, but someone felt th need to trace or redraw all of the artwork, simplifying the anatomical details!
It's almost as though they were going for an animated series look, eh?

In the past, I've posted photos of nightlights featuring Batman, Robin, the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler (trust me, I have)... and now, here's Catwoman! I'm not entirely certain why anyone would want their kids sleeping with a Bat-villain nightlight, but...

Here's a Batman color-a-deck card game... and I've posted photos of other hero-themed card games like this one! Still, for all the time I've been saving these photos from eBay auctions and posting them, I don't think I've ever seen someone post photos of the actual cards themselves!

You might recognize the figures of Batman and Robin from this coloring set as being the same ones used on the box art for a Batman board game which I believe was out at around the same time!

Here's two different Corgi Batcycles... now, usually Corgi is pretty accurate with their comic-based vehicles, but do these look like any Bat-cycle any of you are familiar with?

Here's another Corgi Jr. Batcopter, as seen earlier in this post, but what I really want to draw your attention to are the figures of Batman and Robin! Note that the card has Robin's logo above Batman's, which is odd, eh? These plastic figures look like the same kind of toys I often see in Dollar Stores these days... but sadly, no superhero figures like these!

More Batstuff next week!

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