Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comic Book Advertisements!

First up in this week's gallery of comics ads is this half-page ad by Howard H. Rogofsky, promoting his back issue catalog! Note how prominent "Playboy" is in this ad... this ad that ran in Mighty Samson #18, a Gold Key title! And I'm guessing this same ad ran in all Gold Key titles of that month!

Anyone out there remember the style of bicycles advertised in the top half of this page? I do, but I don't ever recall wanting one!

I certainly wouldn't have wanted to get the posters advertised in this ad, either! What kind of creepy person came up with this idea, anyway?

We'll finish up with this ad, from the inside front cover of Mighty Samson #20 (the two ads above were from #19), just because I dig the design of the cereal boxes!

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