Saturday, May 05, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: Aquaman, Part Two!

Continuing from last time...
Here's the Ideal Aquaman figure from the ultra-rare JLA playset they produced! As you can see, this one is missing something from his hands -- I think it was a trident!

This Paint and Wear set that features an iconic Aquaman image is something I'd love to get some day -- I'd probably scan the images in, color them, and just print them out on transfer paper to make my own T-shirts, knowing I could replace them!

Aquaman's not prominently featured on this postcard, but he's definitely there!

Someone was selling this Aquaman t-shirt on eBay some time ago... I'm not sure if it was a legit vintage item or if they were making them!

Note that the exact same Aquaman pose was used for these Super Heroes Bingo and Checkers games!

As with the two games above, it's pretty obvious from the character selection that these were really intended to be Super Friends items, but they didn't want to pay for that Super Friends license! Same goes for this Colorforms set!

Aquaman played a prominent role in this Super Friends coloring book, which I featured here in Children's Book Theater a while back!

The Super Friends pencil sharpeners featured a LOT of characters that were never on Super Friends, but at least Aquaman didn't lose his spot to Captain Marvel (oh, wait, they decided to just call him Shazam these days, didn't they? I wonder what they're going to change Jr's name to?).

A couple more Super Friends items!

Aquaman, of course, is represented on this DC Superheroes sleeping bag I happen to have in my possession!

Super Powers Aquaman figure and a custom-made Super Powers Black Manta!

Check it out -- Stickers of the DC heroes with Aquaman pretty prominent!

Aquaman Mego Pocket Heroes figure!

Aqualad and Aquaman Slurpee cups from 1973! Man, they really used the heck out of that one image, didn't they?

A couple more items in which Aquaman is featured with his fellow Super Friends, although they're not called that!

Power Records featuring Aquaman -- you can get his story on an LP or a 45, along with Flash!

This is definitely a rarity -- a paint by number Super Friends set that has Aquaman -- but is missing Batman!

And we'll wrap up part 2 with this Super Friends Aquaman Magnet!

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