Saturday, August 25, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Private Eye #5 has turned out to be a wealth of items for this series of articles, hasn't it? This is, of course, from the same comic book, and wow, is this one a whopper! It's amazing the kind of stuff they could get away with back in the day, eh? Is there a single kind of shampoo or other hair product out today that's blaming germs for hair loss?

OK, the item being sold here just looks... well, wrong is the only word I can think of! The imagery here is just way too weird, and doesn't it also look like that photo's been altered to add the hand and spot reducer onto it?

Sadly, that's the last ad from Private Eye #5... but that just means I move on to Reptilicus #2!

These ads have definitely been around for a long time, haven't they? And in my opinion, it's really a scam... has anyone ever heard about someone actually wining this scholarship? All they really want is to get your address so they can try to sell you on their commercial art program, obviously -- and from what I've heard from my brother, who had done one of these things a while back, they seem to be looking for people who don't have much of a developed talent in the first place!

So we have a two-for-one deal going on here! First, it's National Radio Institute's learn electronics at home ad... this school lasted from about 1914 to 2002, and was owned by McGraw-Hill since 1968 (apparently they figured it would give them a way to sell their textbooks, not knowing correspondence schools wrote their own courses). And next, there's the Joe Weider muscle-building ad! This business is still around these days, not only telling you how to build muscle but also selling a line of products to eat and drink to promote muscle development!

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