Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Shroud of Mystery (Whitman)00002 Oh, back to the Whitman stuff again, are we? Well, so we are. This is from Shroud of Mystery #3, and as you can see, it's a house ad promoting the bagged comics that were carried for a time that seemed like a great deal, right? Well, they were a great deal! Shroud of Mystery (Whitman)00035 Here's a similar ad on the inside back cover! stoneyburke1_36 This ad appeared on so many different comics, does it matter if I identify where I got it from? Okay, it's from Stoney Burke #1. Anyway, this is obviously another of those sets of soldiers that look nothing like the art here, that are all tiny and pretty much flat figures! Still, we all wanted a set of these (or one of the other sets being sold), didn't we? stoneyburke2_35 This has to be something very similar... made of pure plastic styrene! I'm guessing these didn't have moving wheels at all, and were probably cheap hollow crap! Oh, and this ad is from Stoney Burke #2. thirteen07_36 Oh, frabjuous day! Check this out, it's from the back cover of Dell's Thirteen... Going on Eighteen (and no doubt many others)... here you can actually see a photo of the toys that were in this footlocker box -- and you can even see from the photo that they're all very flat pieces, too! What a find, eh?

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