Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cool Stuff!

queenofos_poster First item this time around is this poster for Queen of Outer Space! radarmenfrommoon_frenchphotonovel OK, despite what it shows on the cover of this, the seller of this French photo novel says it's "Radar Men From the Moon," even though it looks like it should be more like "The Conquest of the Moon." radarmenfrommoon_lc Radar Men From the Moon lobby card above, poster below! radarmenfrommoon_poster recordhb_flintstonesrecordplayer1 recordhb_flintstonesrecordplayer2 Flintstones Record Player! REDPLANETMARS Red Planet Mars poster above, Mexican lobby card below! redplanetmars_mexlc redplanetmars_poster Here's another Red Planet Mars poster! remco_astrotrain1 Time for some Remco toys! First up, and I admit this is a lousy picture, is the Astro Train, which is pretty cool! remco_astrotrain2 Not sure why the Astro Train is pulling a submarine, but there you go! remco_hamiltoninvaders_bug remco_invadersspider.JPG Hamilton Invaders Bugs! remco_invaderscopter remco_invadershelicopter Invaders Helicopters! remco_landofgiantsspacesled The Land of the Giants Space Sled has nothing to do with Land of the Giants, other than the logos, but it's still a pretty cool toy, eh? remco_voyageset Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Undersea Scout Set! remcomsh_hulkmuscles_remco.JPG Hulk Instant Muscles! RIDERSTOTHESTARS RIDERSTOTHESTARSHALFSHEET Riders to the Stars Posters! robinsoncrusoemars Robinson Crusoe on Mars poster above, and lobby cards below! robinsoncrusoemars3 robinsoncrusoemars4 robinsoncrusoemars6 Here's some robot toys next: robot_bibotremco.JPG Perhaps "Bibots" wasn't the best name for this troy line, eh? robot_bigmaxremco.JPG Big Max looks pretty cool, eh? Now, next up was going to be Sgt. Rock toys from Remco, but since Rock is coming up on Character Collectible Spotlight next month, I'm skipping over it! ROCKETMAN The Rocket Man poster! rocketst_klingonrocketrocketstartrek_estesrocket The very cool Estes Flying Rocket Kits of the Klingon Battle Cruiser and Enterprise! rogerramjet_coloring Roger Ramjet Coloring Book! romancesjuveniles_mexican030 Mexican Jerry Lewis comic book! satanssatellites2os Satan's Satellites poster! satelliteintheskylc5 Satellite in the Sky lobby card! screenashow_fisher This Screen-A-Show toy was an overseas version of the Kenner toy! screenashow_sabrina1 screenashow_sabrina2 Speaking of which, here's one of the Kenner releases! seeaction_footballkenner The See-Action Football Game was a variation on Kenner's Give-A-Show Projector, and is pretty rare, especially the O.J. Simpson version! seeashow_70s Here's one of Kenner's See-A-Show sets, which competed with the View-Master, and is another of those rare toys! sh_cap_thor_superman_magnets A nice mini-assortment of Superhero Magnets! sh_gluesticks Super Heroes Glue Sticks! shadow_vintageposter.jpgshadow_vintageposter2.jpg Shadow Posters! shazam_magicdimesaver Shazam! It's a Captain Marvel Magic Dime Saver! I'll warn you ahead of time, Captain Marvel and his family will likely be coming up on the Character Collectible Spotlight in November or December, so you'll see these again before too long! shazam_picturepuzzle Captain Marvel Picture puzzle! shogun_coloringart01 shogun_coloringart02 shogun_coloringart03 shogun_coloringart04 shogun_coloringart05 Shogun Warriors Outer Space Zoo Coloring book original Art! shogun_knockoffs.JPG This is hilarious to me... it's like a combination Shogun Warriors and Masters of the Universe knockoff! shogun_mazingerz_sonosheet And lastly, here's a Mazinger Z Book and Record Set!

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