Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cover Redux!

363 First up in this edition of Cover Redux, we have Fantastic Four #71 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #54. First of all, let's discuss the added black on this cover... does it add anything to it, in your opinion? The original burst, being pure white, I think had more impact. But that's not all the changes that were made! Let's start with Reed's corner... there's a whole background added to that section! In Sue's coner, part of the art is cropped off and shifted down to accommodate the logo. In the Thing's corner, lots of extra shadow is added to his opponent! And on the Torch's side, more shading on his opponent plus the flame trail on the top now goes over that robot! 206 Next, Captain America #101 and Marvel Super Action #2! Wow, this starts out looking like it's the same, but the Skull is just about entirely different! Certainly the head is different, isn't it? But this is one case where the changes are better! You know why? The original cover had changes made by Romita to the original art that were removed from the reprint! Yes, that's why the Skull looks so much more dangerous in the original! Thank Nick Caputo for solving that mystery! 219 Just for the heck of it, on this one I put the reprint and original on different sides than normal! SO here's Avengers #50 and Marvel Triple Action #42! As you can see, the original cover was by John Buscema and the new cover was by Ernie Chan. I'm not sure why it was decided a new cover was needed, though! Honestly, they could've put the UPC code partly over Herc and it wouldn't have lessened it, in my opinion. It is interesting to see how Ernie chose to copy John almost exactly on some things, but not others -- for example, Hawkeye is nearly identical between the two covers, but on the villain du jour, there's changes in the costume all over the place, especially the axe and helmet! Nice that he got Goliath in there, though! 500 Finally, here's Amazing Spider-Man #139 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #116 -- and isn't it a good thing that Spidey's costume is completely bilateral, as is JJJ's haircut, so they could just flip the cover art and re-arrange word balloons like they did? Aside from that and recoloring, I think the original cover was rotated slightly after being flipped, and some new art added. Oddly enough, the art on the now left hand side was rotated, but the building s on the left aren't, throwing the perspective off, eh?

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