Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cover Redux!

184 First up this time around, we have Avengers #34 and Marvel Triple Action #26... and this is a really weird one... I mean, at first glance, it looks like the image was just shifted down, and then some of the art on the top was whited out, but that's not quite it... look at the Living Laser's left hand -- it's different on each picture! The Grand Comics Database says the cover is from an unaltered stat, which I guess means it's really the original on the reprint! 392 Next, it's Fantastic Four #102 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #82. To my eye, the only real changes (aside from coloring) would be the placement of the one blurb and removal of Namor's word balloon... So far as the recoloring goes, my best guess would be that someone wanted to make sure it looked like video on the reprint... but I don't know for sure! 301 Wow this is really unusual -- I don't think the art got altered at all here, aside from removing the black box at the top that the logo was on. Oh, I suppose the original art got reduced slightly, but that's really it. 475 This is really bizarre... because the blurb got moved from one side of the cover to the other, but I can't really see what the point of it was! It does look like the art got reduced and/or shifted down, but that can't explain it!


  1. On the Sgt Fury reprint, Fury's cigar is now in the puddle in front of him!


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