Monday, November 05, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: Super Friends!

When I first started saving pictures for what ended being called "Cool Stuff," I had no idea just how much Super Friends merchandise there had been... here's a look at stuff that was labeled as Super Friends, as well as stuff that was clearly designed to make you think "Super Friendds"! batman_lightplate Batman Super Friends Glowplate -- I don't know if that really means it glowed, I can't read the print on this photo! I'm guessing this is an item that had originally been issued prior to Super Friends, given the Silver Age vibe on Batman! dcsh_sf_batmansharpen.JPG Of course, there was a Batman pencil sharpener in the series of Super Friends pencil sharpeners, and we'll get to those as we go along! gamedcsh_bingo1.jpg gamedcsh_bingo2.jpg The Super Heroes Bingo was clearly designed to look like a Super Friends item, even mimicking the logo! dcsh_pacheesie Magnetic Pacheesi Game -- Have you noticed how many Super Friends items didn't use the logo so far? dcsh_prestofix recorddcsh_recordplayer1 recorddcsh_recordplayer2 DC had to have been at least somewhat complicit in all the licensees using "Super Heroes" on their items, but mimicking the Super Friends logo, as seen on the Prestofix and Record Player above! dcsh_sf_airfreshener dcsh_sf_airfresheners.jpg Super Friends air fresheners! dcsh_sf_batmanpatchdcsh_sf_batmanpatch.JPGdcsh_sf_robinpatchdcsh_sf_supermanpatch Patches! dcsh_sf_bedsheet.jpgdcsh_sf_towel Super Friends Bedsheets and pillowcase! gamedcsh_sf_bingo.JPG Another Super Heroes item mimicking the Super Friends logo! dcsh_sf_card1.jpg Yes, that's Supergirl on this Super Friends birthday card... and Aquaman is nowhere to be seen! gamedcsh_sf_checkers Super Heroes Checkers! colorformsdcsh_sf_colorforms Colorforms didn't even bother trying to copy the Super Friends logo style, they just used the Super Friends lineup, minus Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog! dcsh_sf_coloring The Super Friends Coloring Book, which I've featured here as part of Children's Book Theater! dcsh_sf_cutouts This set of Super Friends cutouts has a very non-SF styled Superman right on top, but you can tell that there's more of the Toth-designed stuff behind him! dcsh_sf_erasers dcsh_sf_flashsharpdcsh_sf_robinsharpen.JPG dcsh_sf_sharpenders dcsh_sf_sharpeners dcsh_sf_sharpeners2.JPG dcsh_sf_shazamsharp More Super Friends pencil sharpeners! Some of these may be seen more than once before we're done! litebritedcsh_sf_litebrite.jpg Super Friends Lite Brite refill! dcsh_sf_lunchbox1 dcsh_sf_lunchbox2 Super Friends Lunchbox! dcsh_sf_magnetictargetgame.jpg Magnetic Target Game! dcsh_sf_maskfinssnorkeldcsh_sf_masksnorkel dcsh_sf_swimgogglesdcsh_sf_swimgogglesplugs Some of the most obvious merchandise to attach Aquaman to, and it had to be part of the Super Friends merchandising! dcsh_sf_partyhorns.jpg Party Horns! dcsh_sf_wallpaper.JPG I don't know for sure if this wallpaper was marketed as Super Friends or not, but it would make sense! dcsh_sf_wrapping1.JPG dcsh_sf_wrapping2.JPG dcsh_sf_wrappingpaper.jpg dcsh_sfwrap1dcsh_sfwrap2dcsh_sf_wrapping.jpg Super Friends Gift Wrap! dcsh_sfnapkins.jpg Super Friends Napkins! dcsh_sfshoes.jpg Sneakers! dcsh_sftagons.jpg Gift Tags! dcsh_sp-sf_centerpiece Centerpiece! dcsh_superfriendsblanket Blanket! sh_giantcoloringbooks.jpg Coloring Book! superman_pensharp dcsh_sf_wwsharpener2.JPGdcsh_sf_wwsharpener.JPG More Pencil Sharpeners! superfriends26_01_fradon.JPG Page 1 from Super Friends #26, by Ramona Fradon! dcsh_sf_robinjokermag.jpgdcsh_sf_aquamanmagnet.jpg Magnets! paintbynumberdcsh_sf_paintbynumber.jpg Paint By Numbers! dcsh_postcards3.jpg Post Cards! dcsh_sf_poster Poster! superfriends45_20_staton.jpg Page 20 from Super Friends #45, by Joe Staton! dcsh_sf_sunglasses Sunglasses! dcsh_sf_partypack.JPG Party Pack! dcsh_sf_bedsheet A different bedsheet! superfriends03_02_fradon Page 2 from Super Friends #3, by Fradon! dcsh_sf_mrbubble Super Friends Mr. Bubble! dcsh_sf_supermanairfresh Another Air Freshener! batman_mazegame.JPG Magnetic Maze Game! dcsh_sf_invitations.jpg Party Invitations! dcsh_sf_valentinesdcsh_sf_valentines Valentines! dcsh_sf_wwsharpener dcsh_sf_supermansharpenersdcsh_sf_robinsharpener More Sharpeners! dcsh_sf_blanket73 Sleeping Bag! superfriends27_cov_fradon superfriends09_01_fradon superfriends37_04_fradon More comic art by Fradon! dcsh_sf_lootbag Loot bag! superfriends32_09_schaffenberger Page 9 from Super Friends #32, by Kurt Schaffenberger! dcsh_sf_record2frankcedcsh_sf_record1frankce French Record! dcsh_sf_robinflashlight Flashlight! dcsh_sf_storybook Story Book! dcsh_sf_powerwhirl Power Whirl! superfriends47_02_unk dcsh_sf_sunglasses dcsh_sf_showbeam superfriends_subscription_fradon batman_sf_safetyflag dcsh_sf_coloringart4 dcsh_sf_coloringart3 dcsh_sf_coloringart2 dcsh_sf_coloringart1 batman_sf_playingcards superfriends07_25_fradon dcsh_sf_placemat superman_superfriendwallet dcsh_sf_hoopla gamedcsh_superheroesgame1 dcsh_sf_wwmazechasegame dcsh_sf_wwflashligt dcsh_sf_wwairfreshener batman_sf_belt superfriends45_cov_schaffenberger dcsh_sf-sp_argentinapuzzle superfriends18_15_schaffenberger And with this outburst of other stuff, that wraps it up!


  1. The glowplate does not glow, at least mine doesn't. Its been in my bedroom all my life. Cool to see it's original packaging. Great post.


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