Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cool Stuff!

Well, with my 50th birthday coming up in five days, let's see if there's anything in this edition of Cool Stuff I'd like to receive! superman_superfriendsgloves OK probably not these Superman Super Friends gloves, neat as they are -- it's bizarre that they chose a 1960s iconic Superman picture for the very 1970s Super Friends item, eh? superman_supergirlknockoff Definitely not this Supergirl knockoff action figure, either! superman_swimfins superman_swimgoggles We can scratch off the Superman Swim Fins and Swim Goggles from the list of birthday gifts, too, as they fall squarely into the "What the heck does this have to do with this character?" category! superman_thingmakercard If I had an old Thingmaker and the goop or whatever, I might consider wanting this... might anyway, actually! superman_toasteesocks.jpg I'm pretty sure these Toastee Socks don't come in my size, so that's off the list! superman_towel OK, this Superman towel is pretty cool, so I'd have to say I'd like to get it... don't know how I'd display it, though, as I haven't got that kind of wall space free! superman_traceagraph The Superman Trace-a-Graph or Enlarge-a-Graph or whatever you want to call it would be welcomed by me! superman_underoos If they won't fit me, I don't want the Underoos! superman_vitamins I'd forgotten they made Superman vitamins -- not that I want anyone giving me vintage vitamins for my birthday! superman_whirlotron Can't see wanting this Whirl-O-Tron for my birthday, either! superman_wristlaser.JPG Superman Wrist Laser? Probably not... even if it can do... this: superman_wristlaser2.JPG Ironically, if this had been marketed as a Space Ghost wrist laser, I'd want it! supermanandmolemen_mexlc Superman and the Mole Men Mexican lobby card -- yeah, I'd dig having this! superqueenideal_batgirl_superqueens Batgirl Super Queen Doll from Ideal? Yeah, I'd take that... not that I think anyone's going to spend that much on a present for me! supes_bats_minimugs These mini-mugs are pretty cool! tarzan_sonosheet Some of this Tarzan stuff -- like the above Japanese book and record set -- are pretty cool, but I'm not really into collecting Tarzan! tarzan_worldofanimals This Tarzan's World of Animals rack toy is pretty goofy, given that I don't think either of the bendy animals here belong in Tarzan's African jungle! teenagecaveman_lc1 teenagecaveman_lc2 teenagecaveman_lc3 Teenage Cavemen Lobby Cards above, poster below - none are on my want list, but I wouldn't turn them down! teenagecaveman_poster theycamefrombeyond_lc They Came From Beyond Space poster! Never saw the movie, so don't really have an interest in owning this poster... thisislandearth_spanlc This Island Earth Mexican lobby card -- that I'd like! thunderbird_sonosheet Thunderbirds Book and Record Set from Japan -- cool, though it's not one of those things I collect! thunderbirds_3_taiwan Thunderbird 3 vehicle, made in Taiwan! Actually, this would be cool to have! thunderbirds_fireballbook1 thunderbirds_fireballbook2 Fireball XL-5 Children's Book -- Absolutely, I'd love to get this! thunderbirds_joe90book1 thunderbirds_joe90book2 thunderbirds_joe90book4 Joe 9 Book from England! Cool, but I've never even seen an episode of the series! thunderbirds_model1 Thunderbirds model from Japan! thunderbirds_paint2 Thunderbirds paint by numbers set! thunderbirds_sonosheet1 thunderbirds_sonosheet2 Another Thunderbirds book and record set from Japan! thunderbirdsaregoos And lastly, here's a Thunderbirds Are Go poster to wrap things up this time! Well, there really wasn't anything in particular I would be asking for, other than the Batgirl doll, was there?

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