Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

eternals04 Time for some Kirby Kovers, and this time around, it's Eternals #4! You know, one of the things I love about Kirby's 1970s work at Marvel was how... well... "batshit crazy" seems the most accurate phrase to use. It's like Kirby figured what the hell, get these ideas and concepts out there, and don't worry about whether or not the comics readers get them now; in many ways, it seems like more modern readers have a better grasp and appreciation of the King's 1970s Marvel work than it did back then! 240750 Ah, First Love #68... and check it out! While it's not a dynamic or exciting cover by any means, there's a definite story being told... look at the face of the woman who's kissed her beau, as well as the knowing look the ride attendant's giving him! The older couple in the second row seem to have enjoyed the show, too! 29484 Tales to Astonish #18, and Gorgilla Strikes Again! Have I mentioned lately how much I love Kirby's pre-Marvel Age monster stuff? This one is particularly cool, given the details like the wood pieces flying up, the nails on the fingers and toes, the expression on Gorgilla's face! capvic01 And finally, we have Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #1... sometimes I don't think that by this point regular comic books could properly contain Kirby's ideas. Maybe if the Captain Victory books were done as tabloid-size or graphic novels, with a longer page count? Wouldn't have that been awesome?

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