Friday, December 28, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

If you thought some of the stuff in the last installment of this series was odd... check out this bunch!
From All True Crime #28, look at that portable typewriter they're selling -- what the heck? There is no way you can convince me that any one could have possibly been able to use that without it breaking... even in my slowest typing days, I would've been faster than this ever could have! The radio advertised below looks kind of neat, though, in a kitschy way.

Wow, that is absolutely ridiculous -- how stuffy did one of these things get in a few minutes?

One of these days, I may have to try to find the recipe they mention in this ad... why not now? Here's a site that has a recipe that should be pretty close! I have to say, it's funny to see them promoting that it's rich in dextrose -- which is just another word for sugar!

And finally, here's an ad from All-True Crime #36... just so you can enjoy poring over it!

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  1. Jon,
    All True Crime #28 was cover-dated June 1948. I bought a printing system like that as a gift in 1966 (see ). The technique is not much different than those Dymo labelers (which I think are still for sale).

    I get a kick out of the "powerful vacuum tube reception" of the Modernair radio. Perhaps this is what inspired Stan Lee to feature the transistors in Iron Man's armor so prominently in the 60s?


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