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The Beatles Cartoon, Episode 2!

010201The first segment of this episode is based on the song, "Do You Want to Know a Secret," and opens in Ireland, where the Beatles arrive driving a very cool car! John is driving, and they're headed for a weekend out. Ringo adapts an Irish accent for the occasion. George says he's feeling stronger already, so John suggests that he carry the luggage! Ringo then says that he and George are getting up early with the chickens, to which Paul says, "You will -- this room's for you!" and points them to a room which, predictably, has about a dozen chickens in it. Ringo says, "I'd say it's for the birds!" They go to sleep, George snuggled up to his guitar, Ringo to his tomtom, but something wakes George up, and he starts sneaking past the room where John and Paul (in separate beds, both snuggling their guitars) are trying to sleep, but they wake up, too. George puts a jug outside the door of the cottage they're staying in, because legend has it if you leave a jug outside the door, a leprechaun will fill it with gold. John and Paul laugh at this, because you're supposed to leave it on the mantel -- and indeed, pots for John, Paul and Ringo are already there!

010202Suddenly, a tiny leprechaun girl appears, and asks if they believe in leprechauns. Ringo asks if she's a girl leprechaun, and she says yes, there's only a few left, too! When she asks if they love leprechauns, and if they promise not to tell, she'll lead them to the land of leprechauns and the secret pot of gold! She then snaps her fingers, and they all disappear. They reappear in the land of the leprechauns, and the song begins!

010203As the song plays, the leprechaun girl flies off, leading the four Beatles. Ringo pulls a "Dopey" and gets out of step from the rest. Soon, Ringo and George both stop walking along, and it's just John and Paul -- the leprechaun lass lands on John's hand, flies off, lands again, and so on. George and Ringo rejoin them, but Ringo still does his own thing, while the other three act in unison. Most of the song just as the four Beatles dancing in their line, going through a variety of motions, until the song ends, and the four Beatles fall down.

010204They awaken outside, and the leprechaun lass leads them to the pot of gold, which is the a leprechaun band, and she's their manager! The band, by the way, look like redheaded versions of the Beatles in leprechaun gear. She tells the Beatles that if they help get the band started, she'll cut them in! The Beatles realize they've been had, and get in their car and drive off.

010205Next, it's time for the sing-along, and the first song is "A Hard Day's Night," introduced by John. Propman Ringo is asked for something with a lot of punch, and Ringo comes back with a boxing kangaroo! The kangaroo proceeds to knock out John, and then Ringo jumps in the kangaroo's pouch before she bounces off-stage.

010206The sing-along starts, without the opening chord clash we've come to know and love. Every time the line "I've been working like a dog" comes up, there's a shot of a dachshund, because they were being oh-so-literal. And now, we come to the Botched Lyric! This time around, it's on the second verse, which begins, "You know I work all day to get you money to buy you things. But it's worth it just to hear you say, you're gonna give me everything." But instead of the proper lyric next, which is, "So why I love to come home, 'cause when I get you alone, I know I feel okay," instead we get, "So why on Earth should I moan"! There's also an edit in the song -- the guitar solo is cut, and we go right to the second middle eight right after the third verse! The fadeout is cut out very fast.

010207Before the next song, John tells the kids they did well, but he expects even better on the next song! Ringo asks what prop is needed, so John says it's a romantic ballad. Ringo comes back with a voting booth -- because Ringo thought John said a ballot! John corrects him, but Ringo then comes back in a tutu, thinking it was a ballet!

010208So the song begins, "I Want to Hold Your Hand," with the opening guitar part cut! It's thematically linked to the previous episode, with the background pictures being underwater, although there's no octopus. After the first verse and chorus, we get the opening guitar riff, and then the second verse! We get the Botched Lyric right away now, with the screen saying "Yeah you say that something" instead of "Yeah you got that something". Oddly, when they repeat the verse, they get it correct! They also cut off one of the last repeats of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" at the end of the song, just before the final one.

010209Finally, we have "If I Fell," which takes place at a spooky castle. A female scientist (voiced by Paul Frees) is waiting for Igor, her assistant, to arrive with the brains she needs for her experiment! Igor empties his sack, and John spills out on the table! The witch points out that she wanted the brains of a beetle, and Igor says, "This is John, he is the brains of the Beatles!" John awakens, and the scientist says she is Doctor Dora Floraheim, and introduces Igor. She tells John he's about to take part in an experiment in which she'll activate her mechanical monster (which, of course, has a vague resemblance to Frankenstein) by means of a human brain - his! John, naturally, doesn't care for this, and runs off, tripping over a stool.

010210The song begins as John is being pursued by Dr. Floraheim and Igor. John ducks into a wardrobe, which is naturally dark, and when he sees another pair of eyes (this being a cartoon, of course in the dark you can see everyone's eyes), he lights a match and there's another Frankenstein-ish monster there! He runs off again, still pursued by Floraheim and Igor. Ducking behind a lab table, John's then pursued by a ghost from a testtube! He runs away from the ghost, and literally runs into the doctor.

010211John wakes up to find himself strapped to a table, connected to the monster, as the song ends suddenly (with the closing guitar solo cut). Igor throws the switch, sending power through John and the monster! Dr. Floraheim says, "It's working, by George!" but Igor corrects her saying, "No, it's by John!" The Monster sits up from the table, walks to the doctor, and picks her up! When she asks if he has a screw loose or something, he drops her, and bursts into song, beginning with the second verse of "If I Fell"! Dr. Floraheim seems to fall in love with the monster, and spiders, rats, and other things come out of the nooks and crannies to listen. The song is pretty much run through almost in its entirety next time!

010212Suddenly, Igor throws the switch back, and the monster stops. Floraheim says she's created the first singing and dancing monster, and plans to hit the road with him, billing him as her "Crooning Creature." John wakes up to hear this, but then suddenly, a mob of girls burst in, proceed to run over Floraheim and Igor, and then attack the monster, literally tearing him to pieces! When the doctor moans about her million-dollar creation ruined, John says, "Cheer up doc, you can always build another monster, you know! Next time, don't use the brains of a singer! Latch on to a scientific genius or something!" When she asks where she can find one, John says he was considered a scientific genius in high school himself -- and of course, they start chasing him again as the cartoon fades to black.

Interesting final segment -- John was introduced in the animated movie "Yellow Submarine" as sort of a psychadelic-colored Frankenstein monster, mixing up a potion to turn back to normal... and of course, the idea of having a monster created that had some kind of singing and dancing talent was later used in "Young Frankenstein"! And finally, the girls coming in and tearing the monster apart parallels a sequence in the Monkees' movie "Head" -- after the Monkees perform "Circle Sky" in front of a crowd, they rush the stage and tear the Monkees to pieces, too!

Puzzle Time!

Answers after the jump!

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Toy Spotlight: Whitman's Batman Activity Box!

This one deserves a spot all by itself... it's the ultimate punch-out Batman toy, and getting an original one will set you back a pretty penny (most recent auction I could find closed at over $300!). Sadly, it's never been officially reissued (I did find one place online that is selling a reproduction, but I don't know if it's legit or not -- they're asking $25, including shipping). I have to say, I'm kind of surprised that nobody's scanned this in high res and offered it as a PDF to download and print for yourself!

Anyway, this is a gorgeous item, really the only Batman toy that gives you everything you'd need for playing out any kind of Batman adventure! It's got locales, figures, heroes, villains, vehicles, bystanders! And these pictures don't even show everything!

Cover Redux!

This time around, the first Cover Redux is Fantastic Four #93 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #75! Obviously, coloring has been changed, but there's more... Yes, the image has been hifted down, but it's also been shifted over! New art's been added next to Torgo's upraised arm, and the wall of the arena is different, too! Plus, Ben's head is completely different! Some motion lines have been dropped, too! Can you spot any other changes?

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Famous Monsters #33!


The Indexible Hulk #27!

Tales to Astonish 071Issue: Tales to Astonish #71

Title: “Like a Beast at Bay!”

Credits: Written by Stan Lee, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Mickey Demeo (Mike Esposito), letters by Artie Simek.

Supporting Cast: Thunderbolt Ross, Glenn Talbot, Rick Jones, Betty Ross

Villain: The Leader

Hulk Intelligence: He should be Banner smart, but he's got a temper!

Guest-Stars: None

Plot: As the Hulk is about to attack the giant Humanoid again, Rick reaches him and warns about the new missile to be launched. The Hulk grabs Rick and leaps away, barely escaping the huge mushroom cloud created when the missile explodes. Still, they are hit by the shockwave, which sends them hurtling further away. Back at the base, when the smoke clears, Ross and Talbot can see that the Leader's Humanoid is down and out of action! The soldiers surround the fallen android (I guess there was no residual radiation of any kind, eh?), but suddenly, the thing bursts into flames, and nothing is left of it – the Leader's decided to destroy it rather than let it fall into the military's hands. But the Leader's changed targets anyway – he's keeping an eye on the Hulk, to learn his secret! Where the Hulk and Rick finally landed, the Hulk is fine, but Rick is barely breathing. The Hulk performs CPR in a sense on the boy, reviving him. The Hulk picks Rick up again and leaps to the hidden cave lab, but the military spots them and follows! When they reach the lab, the Hulk checks the gamma ray equipment, which he plans to use every two days to remain the Hulk (else the bullet in his brain will instantly kill him when he turns back to Banner). Suddenly, the cave is rocked by cannon fire! The military has found the whereabouts of the cave, and are attacking! The Hulk responds by throwing debris from the resulting cave-ins back to Ross' soldiers. Then Ross uses a bullhorn to tell the Hulk to give up, or they'll drop nuclear weapons on the cave! The Hulk pushes Rick out of the cave, figuring he'll sacrfice himself, but the Leader contacts him via projecto-image, and offers to take him away from there with his projecto-ray so long as they team up!

Invention Exchange: As noted in last issue, the giant Humanoid and the Sunday Punch missile. New this issue is the Leader's projecto-beam.

Reprinted In: The Incredible Hulk Special #3, Incredible Hulk (Simon & Schuster, 1978), Essential Hulk #1.

Notes: Obviously, the idea of Banner's brain controlling the Hulk's body is already changing, as he's getting closer and closer to Hulk temperament again! Namor gets a lot of cover focus, since his feature just began in the previous issue.

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Fandom Library BONUS! Inside Comics #2

Yes, that's right, the last installment of Fandom Library was only five days ago, not ten -- which is why this is a bonus! Occasionally, when I don't have many ideas for some of the other features, I'll replace one of their installments with a bonus of Fandom Library or the Comic Reading Library!

Cool Stuff!

Gigantor! Gigantor! Giga-a-a-antor!
Gigantor book and record set from Japan! And after the jump... GI Joe stuff!

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Ten of a Kind: TV Show Episodes I Wish They'd Made!

This is a list of 10 TV shows and the episodes I'd wish they'd made!

1. The Monkees: Origin Episode: Oh, we know how the Monkees were cast, but I don't recall in any episode did they ever even hint how Micky, Davy, Peter and Michael were supposed to have met and decided to form a band, nor how they got the Monkeemobile! In my mind, the four of them begin the episode trying to get a gig as a solo artist, but of course, it's hard to make money shaking a tambourine and maracas, or just playing drums, without a band behind you. Oh, Mike and Peter may have done okay, but clearly, they needed a band, as well as a place to live. Maybe the four of them first meet when they respond to the "For Rent" advertisement for the beach house. They all want it (because beach house = parties = girls) but none can afford it by themselves. Later, they come across some kind of promotion where there's a very cool customized car that's being given away, and all you have to do to win it is to be the last person touching it. Of course, this would be the (logo-less) Monkeemobile, and the four each figure that if they won the car, they could sell it for the bread they need! Naturally, as they wait it out, they start to get to know each other, and by the time the contest ends, and the promoter asks what name to put on the car, the four of them answer, "The Monkees!" Or something like that.

2. Quantum Leap: Sam Leaps Back To Himself: Well, I wouldn't actually want Dr. Sam Beckett to actually leap into his younger self; rather, I'd have him leaping into someone close to his younger self, so we can see what Sam was like as a young man, perhaps in college, where we see his early brilliance.

3. Bewitched: Crisis On Infinite Darrins: The episode that would have explained that the Dick York episodes were on Bewitched Earth-1, and the Dick Sargent episodes were on Bewitched Earth-2. Maybe Endora cast some kind of master spell that she figured was going to get Darrin gone for good, and Sam wouldn't even remember he'd ever existed, and instead, she switches Darrins for a Darrin from an alternate reality, but Sam never notices!

4. Dungeons and Dragons: The Return: This, of course, was actually scripted, and performed radio-style and included on the D&D DVD set, but it would've been nice to see it actually animated!

5. Planet of the Apes: The Return Home: A little-known detail about the POTA TV series is that when the episodes were edited together into movies for syndication, some new footage of Roddy McDowall as Galen was added to these, and in one of them, he talks about Burke and Virdon finally making their way back to their own time. I want to see that episode, okay?

6. Time Tunnel: The Return: Hey, it's a trend! It would've been nice if they could've provided some closure on this show, so that the guys could have returned back home to their own time, and then they could've figured out what went wrong with the Time Tunnel in the first place!

7. Land of the Giants: You know the title by now, right? Another Irwin Allen show that needed closure to it!

8. Heroes: The Apology: An hour-long episode where all the writers and producers sit down and apologize over and over for how off the track the show went, starting with the end of the first season when the battle with Sylar ended up being just plain lame!

9. Thundercats: Take out Mumm-Ra permanently! When the original Thundercats was on, I watched it daily, and one thing that always bugged me was when Mumm-Ra was defeated, they'd always let him walk away! Come on, these guys are supposed to be warriors, why would they let the worst foe they have constantly live to plot another day??? I know, it would've meant having to come up with new villains... so what?

10. Birdman: The Origin: Yeah, I know, this is out of left field... the origin was hinted at, but we never really got the real story, did we? What the heck was his name before he got his powers, and did they really come from Ra? Where did Avenger, the giant eagle, come from? Who paid for the Aviary? How did he come to work for Falcon-7? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comic Book Ads!

OK, I gave you a break from the Gold Key stuff last time, we're back to those ads again, but from an earlier period! This Hot Wheels ad appeared in Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #1! Can you imagine having all that Hot Wheels track and accessories when you were a kid?

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What, This and That Time Again?

So, what's new to share with you guys?

ITEM! So... the latest development with my career? Well, I had applied for and got hired to work for a company that works with disabled adults... but when I was hired, it turned out that the hours and pay ended up being way too little (it would've been one thing if it had been, say, 25 years ago... but now, it doesn't work). I was prepared to work there for as long as I needed to until I found something else... when something else suddenly happened! Remember I'd posted a while back about looking into truck driving, but I couldn't get it paid for? Enter CR England -- I applied there, and not only got accepted for training (with a minimum employment period after that), but I also got my tuition paid for, thanks to being former military! That means, however, that I'll be away from home for about six weeks beginning late next month, and then periodically after that for various periods when I'm on the road... but you know, a job is a job, and that will fit me and my family's income needs more than anything else I've been able to manage. Yes, that means that Medical Assisting is completely off the table for me now... it was a noble attempt, but ultimately, a failed one. Ce la vie!

ITEM! Have you been checking out my new Facebook page on Book and Record Sets? Well, I know one of you have -- Jason Galterio -- and I wanted to publicly thank him for his generosity in offering me for the cost of shipping a bunch of really super cool Power Records featuring Marvel and DC heroes! Jason Galterio, I hereby honor you with the first ever Random Acts of Geekery Golden No-Cross of Valor for Services Above and Beyond Geekery! That and $5.75 will get you a cup of coffee, natch, as it doesn't even get to come in an empty envelope like Marvel's No-Prizes used to! Anyway, I've got a bunch of videos up there created from my collection already, and I may start crossposting them here in the near future. I've also set up a YouTube channel that you could probably find if you put some effort into it!

ITEM! Given the first item above, some things ended up happening rather quickly around here, as you might imagine - and they had been happening quickly before then, believe it or not! A while back, the homeowners' association for my neighborhood had a special meeting, and at that meeting I was elected to the board of directors; well, the first meeting of the board happened two or three weeks after that, and at the end of that meeting, I found myself elected as the new vice president! Not long after that, I took charge of our neighborhood's community yard sale (an annual event that I've always felt needed someone to really take charge of)... well, as you can imagine, after enrolling in truck driving school, I ended up having to resign as vice president (it'll be effective as of the next meeting), although I hope to stay on the board, depending on how often I'm out of town when board meetings are held. I'm still able to get the yard sale dealt with before I leave, fortunately!

ITEM! So, if I'm going to be a long-haul trucker, what's that going to mean here at the Random Acts of Geekery? Well, initially, not too terribly much, as I already have my posts done through to the end of December (hey, I had a flurry of activity, what can I say?). I'm hoping I'll find time for another month of posts done by the time I leave, but after I'm gone at school, I won't be doing anything for a while on the blog (except maybe answer comments, which I really need to catch up on anyway). Once I'm done with school and start working, I'll only be able to do posts when I'm at home -- at least, initially! I do have my iPad, which will be coming with me, but I'm not sure how well it'll work for me to do blog posts with (kind of a small screen, you know). So, we'll have to kind of wait and see. It's possible that I may have to do some rearranging of things here, and cut back on the volume of posts, so that there's only one post a day... I'll just have to see what I can manage.

ITEM! If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, get thee hence if you like to find cool superhero toys for a buck! There's this line of toys, "Miniature Alliance," only at Dollar Tree, and it's carded painted PVC miniatures of the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Venom, and Wolverine. I bought all but the last two of those -- and have to wonder, why no Thor? I mean, he's been in two movies, and Venom's only been in one! Well, mine is not to reason why, I suppose (well, actually, it is, but I won't get anywhere with it). They're pretty cool, and made by Monogram Direct, who also makes some other cool stuff that I wish I could find, such as their resin Avengers figurines with letter bases that, when put together, spell "Avengers"! Unfortunately, those are out of my price range, I think. Anyway, I see on eBay that a "box set" of these is currently being offered for $24.95 plus $8.95 shipping, so I think you're much better off going to Dollar Tree! Of course, if you don't have one near you, you might be out of luck... but I'd be willing to work something out for anyone who contacts me immediately!

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time, it's the cover to Daredevil #5! You'll note that Wally Wood gets namechecked on the cover, but if you look at the character poses, you can tell Kirby did at least roughs here!

Geek TV: Captain Nice!

captain-niceConcept: Mild-mannered police chemist invents formula that transforms him into superhero, and hilarity ensues.

Total Episodes: 15

Original Air Dates: January 1967-August 1967

Original Network: NBC

Geek Factor: 6


Carter Nash/Captain Nice (William Daniels): The above-mentioned mild-mannered police chemist who lives with his mother. His costume was made by mom, and he chose the name “Captain Nice” because he already had “CN” monogrammed on many items. Among his powers are the ability to fly, but he's nervous about using it, because he's afraid of heights!

Sgt. Candy Kane (Ann Prentiss): Carter's girlfriend in the police department.

Mrs. Nash (Alice Ghostly): Carter's mother and general pain in the tuchas (at least, to Carter).

Mayer Finney (Liam Dunn): Mayor of Bigtown, the city Captain Nice operates in!

Geek Guest-Stars: Julie Parrish, who played a hat check girl in two episodes, played Miss Piper in the original Star Trek pilot “The Menagerie”.

Geek Pedigree:

captain-nice-rare-complete-series-william-daniels-dvd-e927Series creator Buck Henry was a co-creator of Get Smart. He later created and wrote episodes of Quark. Vic Mizzy, who wrote the theme song, also did the theme music for The Addams Family, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and later The Reluctant Astronaut and The Munsters' Revenge. Star William Daniels' closest geek-related role was a guest appearance on T.H.E. Cat, but he later guested on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Incredible Hulk, Galactica 1980, and of course he'll probably always be recognized as the voice of K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider. Alice Ghostley had previously appeared in Car 54, Where Are You?, Get Smart, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, and other shows, but she'll probably always be remembered as Esmerelda on Bewitched. She continued to pop up in roles in genre TV shows and movies until her death in 2007. Ann Prentiss had previously guested on an episode of Bewitched, and later guested on Get Smart, and provided the voice of Gene/Jean on Quark and the voice of Bag in My Stepmother is an Alien.

DVD Release: None.

Website: is probably as good as any other site out there!

Notes: Never saw this when it was first on, but I did catch reruns in the early days of HA! (before it merged with The Comedy Channel to become Comedy Central). I enjoyed it! There was a paperback book written by William Johnston based on the series, and a single issue of a Gold Key comic book.

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CBT: Planet of the Apes Coloring Book!

Planet of the Apes Coloring Book 0200001
Is this the exact same coloring book as last time, just with a different cover? Let's find out...

Give-A-Show Video Feature!

Multiple features this time, all from Magna-Slide, which was a Canadian competitor to the Give-A-Show Projector that seems to only have done Disney stuff! So here's Snow White, followed by Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Aristocats, and Mickey and Donald at Walt Disney World!