Saturday, August 04, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time around, it's Fantastic Four #173! As you'll no doubt recall, Kirby had returned to Marvel after a brief time at DC, and was doing a pretty fair number of covers for Marvel, even though the only interiors he was doing were for Captain America, 2001, The Eternals, The Black Panther, Devil Dinosaur, and Machine Man (I think that's all, and not necessarily in order). Still, it was always a nice treat to see him return to drawing characters that he'd originated, like the FF! Here, Jack did a great design based on a circle, although there are a few items here that I don't know if they were Jack's problem or whoever inked it, or just on the production end! First, notice that one of Galactus' antennae is missing the top portion -- it's the one on his right. Also, look at that right hand -- I don't know if the arm above it was added or not, but it's not necessary -- Kirby had the arm below, mostly in shadow.

Cover Redux!

And we start off with what I think is a very special Cover Redux! First, it's Spectacular Spider-Man #2, and the reprint in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #9! As you can see, it's not the same image... although the pencils are by the same artist! I'm not sure why the change of removing the Goblin Glider's exhaust trail and adding the web were really needed... but both covers work for me... although the Spec Spidey cover would've made an OUTSTANDING poster, eh?

Friday, August 03, 2012

CBT: Shogun Warriors Coloring Book Starring Dragun!


Dog of the Geek: Buttons!

MindyButtonsBreed: Unknown, possibly some kind of collie mix.

Original Appearances: Mindy and Buttons segments of Animaniacs (Fox Television, 1993 to 1995, WB Network 1995-1998)

Other Appearances: Unknown, possibly in some Animaniacs merchandising.

Biography: What can I say? Remember the Popeye cartoon where Swee'pea wanders off into a zoo/construction site/other dangerous location, and Popeye has to rescue her, usually personally suffering as a result? Yeah, I know, the same plot was used for lots of other cartoon series as well. Well, the entirety of the Mindy and Buttons cartoons are basically the same plot. Mindy's mother (referred to by Mindy as simply “lady”) leaves Mindy in Buttons' charge, and then Mindy starts to wander into dangerous situations, which Buttons has to rescue her from... at his own expense and suffering. Mindy's usual response to Buttons' mishaps is “Silly puppy!”

Powers: Unless you count the ability to still be alive after all he's suffered, none.

Group Affiliation: Mindy's family.

Miscellaneous: Certainly the most formulaic of the various Animaniacs segments!

Government Comics: Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids in "Buzzy's Rebound"!