Saturday, September 01, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Daisy!

Breed: Unknown.
Original Appearances: Blondie comic strip.

Other Appearances: Various Blondie movies, TV shows, comic books, merchandise of all sorts.

Biography: Daisy was acquired by the Bumsteads shortly after they married and moved into their home. She's had five puppies who have not been seen in recent years. She is often seen napping on the floor while Dagwood naps on the couch, or helping Blondie in the kitchen. She's definitely a part of the family, and reacts to what goes on.

Powers: None

Group Affiliation: Bumstead family.

Miscellaneous: It seems that more information on Daisy needs to get out there! I expected to see some kind of information about the dog who played Daisy in the Blondie movies, but all I could find is that the dog was named “Daisy” herself, and she appeared in movies other than the Blondie series.

Comic Reading Library: Jungle Comics #57!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Beatles Cartoon, Episode 4!

0401The first cartoon in this episode is based on the song "Not a Second Time," and it opens at Liverpool Airport, where the Beatles are preparing to take off on a jet to their next concert site. Of course, the female Beatles fans are there to mob them (curiously, none have an English or Liverpudlian accent), so the Fab Four have to make a run for the plane, and make it they do! Their plane is soon in the air, and they can relax.

0402John suggests they rehearse, but Paul's hungry, and wants a sandwich. John suggests they eat while they rehearse, which leads George and Ringo to discuss the idea. John asks if they're ready, but instead of the Beatles responding, the stewardesses do, revealing themselves to be fans in disguise -- "The Clipper," "The Screamer," and "The Fainter."

0403There's only one escape, but do they dare? They do, and parachute out of the plane, landing on the ground below. Shortly, an explorer in the jungle leads them to a nice quiet spot, but the Beatles aren't sure... especially when a couple of crocodiles come out of the water nearby! The explorer claims they're music lovers, and after a short discussion about it, they decide to play anyway, since they want to get through the song once before the show!

0404John asks his bandmates if they're ready, but the crocodiles, now standing, answer, "We've never been readier!" You guessed it, they're the three girls again, in another disguise! The Beatles grab their instruments and run away, the girls chasing them. Later, tired, they decide to try again... but then Ringo spots some crocodiles nearby, and jumps on them, tieing them up and setting his drum kit on top, telling them that they won't fool them a second time!

0405They start performing the song, to the delight and astonishment of some of the local jungle beasts... and all three guitar-playing Beatles are singing! The instrumental of the song gets edited out for this cartoon, by the way... maybe because a piano is used! The fadeout is edited quite a bit, too.

0406When the song ends, and John's satisfied, Ringo looks down at the crocodiles he's tied his drums to and says, "Okay girls, you can take off those silly costumes now!" But then the girls appear from behind a tree! The crocodiles -- real ones -- stand up and applaud the song, but the girls are frightened off and run away screaming! But then the three crocodiles act just like the three girls do, one chomping off a lock of Paul's hair, one fainting, and one screaming! Paul wonders where it'll all end, and George says, "I think it all ends... here!" just as the cartoon ends.

0407Next, of course, is the singalong portion! This time around, the introduction is done by Paul, and he tells propman Ringo that the next song is a tender, romantic love song, and Ringo says he's got just the thing -- and comes back with himself in a Cupid outfit... yes, we've seen this introduction before. Ringo shoots an arrow that bounces around the stage and finally cuts the rope holding himself in the air.

0408So the song begins... "Baby's In Black." The background images for the singalong feature a woman wearing all black (kind of like a beatnik) that Ringo appears to be pining for. Amazingly, there aren't any lyric errors made, nor are there any edits made in the song!

0409Again, the bit between the two singalongs is a rerun, with Paul saying the next song is a real torch song, and Ringo comes out as the Statue of Liberty on roller skates! So then we get to the singalong, "Misery." Appropriately enough for this song, there's a lot of teardrop visuals, and people being separated. In this song, there is a minor lyric error... in the middle eight, there's a line that they have as "Can't she see she'll always be the only one, only one," but it's actually supposed to end, "lonely one." Similarly, in the second middle eight, with the lyric variation, "She'll remember and she'll miss her only one... lonely one," they have it repeating "only one." Amazingly, they don't cut out any of the song, but they do add the second verse in a repeat at the end!

0410The final segment features the song "Slow Down," the first of the covers the Beatles did that we've come across! This one opens in a western town that's preparing for the Beatles' arrival (although outside of the mayor, it appears it's just horses there?). Since Ringo is their favorite, the mayor's renaming the town Ringo Ravine. When he shows them the sign, it falls and he falls with it.

0411Meanwhile, the Beatles are driving to town, with Ringo riding on a cart being pulled by their car. Ringo's pretty happy about the town being named after him, and figures the rest are being soreheads. Suddenly, Ringo lets go of the rope that's pulling his cart, and the cart crashes into a cactus, sending Ringo flying off! Ringo decides to ride in their car the rest of the way, but when he sits down, he breaks their last gold record!

0412Suddenly, not far away, a horse named "Goldnose" sniffs the gold record, since he can smell gold! His owner, a prospector, leaps on the horse in pursuit, along with the prospector's other horse! They arrive at the car, and announce themselves. Paul and John offer to rent the prospector's other horse for a few bucks, but Ringo isn't thrilled about riding it... and indeed, when Ringo is tossed into the horse, it takes off at high speed as the song "Slow Down" starts!

0413As the song plays, Ringo hangs on to the horse for dear life as it speeds along at full gallop, jumping over a ravine, bucking him off (and then back on again), riding through a cave (inside which Ringo and the horse change positions), and more. At Ringo Ravine, the other three Beatles arrive and check their watches, wondering where Ringo is. Suddenly, they spot Ringo and the horse in the distance, Ringo still terrified. There's an edit right after the instrumental, by the way, that adds the second chorus in after the break, and then ending the song abruptly (timing it with a splash as the horse and Ringo jump off a cliff and land in a lake or river).

0414Looking around, Ringo realizes that they're lost -- and he's starving! But then he realizes that Goldnose can smell gold, and then as the final verse of the song starts up, Ringo tosses a ring at a time off of his fingers to create a trail for Goldnose to follow, as the horse he's riding takes off at top speed. The horse suddenly decides he's tired of being ridden, and bucks Ringo off (for the second time), sending Ringo unconscious to the ground... but the smell of gold starts to drift away!

0415The scent reaches Goldnose, who takes off after it. Shortly, with Ringo saved, it's time for the official renaming of the city! As Ringo smiles in anticipation, the Mayor says, "I now rename our city in honor of our hero... Goldnose!" Ringo says he's not going to take it sitting down... "After the ride I've had, I'm going to take it sitting up!"

Puzzle Time!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kirby Kovers - King Kirby Birthday Edition!

Yes, it's Jack Kirby's birthday today, and to celebrate, it's an extra-large installment of Kirby Kovers!
First, Black Magic Vol. 1, #6! I love the Simon and Kirby covers on this title... they're so... I don't know, organic or something! Very moody, and perfectly colored! Could this possibly be done as a scene in a movie or TV show and come out nearly this moody?

Cover Redux!

So, first time around, we've got Amazing Spider-Man #141 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #118 -- ooks to me like it's moved down a bit, and then some recoloring -- why is Ock not in his standard green?!? If you can see anything I don't, put it in the comments, okay?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Government Comics: Captain America and the Campbell Kids!

You knew this had to come sooner or later, right?

The Indexible Hulk #33!

Tales to Astonish 077Issue: Tales to Astonish #77

Title: “Bruce Banner Is the Hulk!”

Credits: Written by Stan Lee, layouts by Jack Kirby, finished pencils by John Romita Sr., inks by Romita, letters by Sam Rosen.

Supporting Cast: General Ross, Betty Ross, Rick Jones, Major Talbot.

Villain: The Executioner

Hulk Intelligence: Dumb brute! He's starting to refer to himself in the third person!

Guest-Stars: None

Plot: Having learned that the Evil One is really the Executioner, the Hulk still refuses to back off, so the Executioner starts to fight him! The Hulk demands that the Executioner send him back to his own time, but he refuses! Even though the Hulk is the strongest there is (he says so himself), it does no good, as the Executioner is, after all, an immortal, and his power is eternal! The two continue to clash! Meanwhile, back in the present, Ross and Talbot question Rick Jones, asking him where the Hulk is. Rick assumes that the Hulk was killed by the T-Gun, but Ross figures it was all a trick, and demands to know the real purpose of the T-Gun! Rick is sent away, but he still refuses to reveal Bruce Banner's secret. Betty sees Rick being escorted away, and asks Ross if he's going to keep hounding Rick like he'd hounded Bruce. Talbot vows to find the connection between Bruce and the Hulk. Back in the future, the Executioner's men see the fight, and decide to blast the two with their stun gun, which won't harm their master. As powerful as this blast is, it barely staggers the Hulk! This causes the Executioner frustration, as he cannot tolerate a mortal having power almost the equal of his own, and starts laying in to the Hulk again, knocking the Hulk down! The Hulk's rage and hatred grows, and of course, the madder he gets, the stronger he gets, and sends the Executioner off his feet by pulling the ground up from underneath him! The Executioner's men start blasting at the Hulk again, as well as at King Arrkam's city. Back in the present again, Rick wanders to the hidden cave lab, where he remembers Bruce and how he feared the change into the Hulk. Finally, Rick starts to have a nervous breakdown and collapses... right in front of Major Talbot, who followed him. He tells Rick that the secret Rick's been guarding is too much to handle, and he needs to tell someone. Back in the future, the Hulk is ready to just let the two opposing forces destroy each other, because he belongs with neither side... but then decides that he can't just watch the Executioner destroy the city, so he leaps into the fray, destroying tripods! The tripods turn back and flee, but the Hulk calls out, taunting the Executioner. Then, Arrkam's forces come out from the city, figuring the Hulk drove away their enemies so he could take the city for himself! The Hulk is about to attack when he starts fading away, because the T-Gun's effects have worn off! Back in the present, Rick finally breaks down and tells Talbot that Bruce and the Hulk are one and the same, and that it doesn't matter, because both are dead! Talbot considers that maybe, since the Hulk just vanished, that perhaps he and Bruce are still alive! As the two men walk out of the cave, a whirlwind seems to form behind them, unnoticed!

Invention Exchange: Other than the heat rays fired at the Hulk and the stun gun, not much!

Reprinted In: Incredible Hulk Special #4, Essential Hulk #1, Marvel Visionaries: John Romita Sr.

Notes: Adapted as episode 36 of the 1966 Hulk animated series. Things are really kind of bouncing around a lot at this point, aren't they? The Hulk's spent only two issues in the future, and now he's going back to his own time!