Tuesday, January 01, 2013

CBT: Six Million Dollar Man Coloring Book!

This is kind of an odd duck of a coloring book this time around... you'll see what I mean after the jump! sixmillion_02 sixmillion_03 No text at all here... make up your own story! sixmillion_04 sixmillion_05 sixmillion_06 sixmillion_07 sixmillion_08 sixmillion_09 sixmillion_11 sixmillion_12 sixmillion_13 sixmillion_14 sixmillion_15 sixmillion_16 sixmillion_17 sixmillion_18 sixmillion_20 sixmillion_21 sixmillion_22 sixmillion_23 sixmillion_25 sixmillion_27 sixmillion_28 sixmillion_29 sixmillion_30 sixmillion_31 sixmillion_32 sixmillion_33 sixmillion_34 sixmillion_35 sixmillion_36 sixmillion_37 sixmillion_38 sixmillion_39 sixmillion_40 sixmillion_41


  1. Interesting. Would have loved this as a kid, but it seems a bit dull on a bunch of the pages these days. :(

  2. I recently found same coloring book mint no markings or damage. Is it worth anything?


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