Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cool Stuff!

batman_menkocards_japan More Batman stuff this time around, starting with these "Menko Cards" from Japan! batman_mexicanbatcycle And now we begin a parade of Mexican Bat-stuff, starting with this Batcycle toy! batman_mexicanmask70s Mexican Batman Mask! Well, I guess that's all the Mexican Bat-stuff after all.... batman_milliondollarcoloring Another Batman coloring book here! batman_mirror70s Batman mirror from the 1970s! batman_movieviewer Batman Movie Viewer featuring the serial! batman_napkins Batman Napkins! batman_nastasunglasses Batman Sunglasses! batman_notebookfolder75 Batman Notebook and Folder from 1975! batman_paintafigure Batman Paint-A-Figure! batman_partyfavors Batman Party Favors! batman_patches Batman patches in the package! batman_penguinahicycle Penguin Stunt Cycle from AHI! batman_penguincoloring This Batman coloring book seems to have been made by the same people who did the Man-Bat one last time around! batman_penguinkitbuilt Aurora Penguin Model Kit built and painted! batman_penguinpuzzle1 batman_penguinpuzzle2 Penguin Puzzle! batman_pillow66 1966 Batman Pillow! batman_plushchair Batman Plush Chair! batman_powershield Batman Power Shield! batman_pressbook Batman the Movie Pressbook! batman_puzzle batman_puzzle1 Batman Puzzles! batman_puzzleart batman_puzzleart66 batman_puzzleart79 Original artwork for some very cool Batman puzzles! The middle one is from 1966, the last one apparently from 1979. batman_radio1 batman_radio2 Batman Radio! Now, some of the "Red Bat" Batman Cards! Batman_red bat_01ABatman_red bat_02A Batman_red bat_03ABatman_red bat_04A Batman_red bat_05ABatman_red bat_06A Batman_red bat_07ABatman_red bat_08A Batman_red bat_09ABatman_red bat_10A Batman_red bat_11ABatman_red bat_12A Batman_red bat_13ABatman_red bat_14A Batman_red bat_15ABatman_red bat_16A Batman_red bat_17ABatman_red bat_18A More of those next time around!

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