Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cool Stuff!

More of the "Red Bat" Batman cards this time around! Batman_red bat_19ABatman_red bat_20A Batman_red bat_21ABatman_red bat_22A Batman_red bat_23ABatman_red bat_24A Batman_red bat_25ABatman_red bat_26A Batman_red bat_27ABatman_red bat_28A Batman_red bat_29ABatman_red bat_30A Batman_red bat_31ABatman_red bat_32A Batman_red bat_33ABatman_red bat_34A Batman_red bat_35ABatman_red bat_36A Batman_red bat_37ABatman_red bat_38A Batman_red bat_39ABatman_red bat_40A Batman_red bat_41ABatman_red bat_42A Batman_red bat_43ABatman_red bat_44A Now, some stuff that's not cards! batman_redboxknockoff1 batman_redboxknockoff2 I guess this Batman knockoff figure was made by someone called "Red Box," as that's what I have noted for this figure. batman_riddlerpuzzle1 batman_riddlerpuzzle2 Riddler Puzzle! batman_rideonbatmobile1 Ride-On Batmobile! batman_robin_aurorabuilt Aurora Robin model, built and painted! batman_robinpatcha batman_robinpatchb Robin patches! batman_robinstainedglass Kind of a bizarre Robin stained glass kit! batman_robinwallart And we'll wrap this up with this Robin wall art, but there's going to be more Batman stuff next time around!

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