Friday, February 22, 2013

Cover Redux!

This time around, we begin with a look at Fantastic Four #68, and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #51. Now, I suspect that the scan for the original was a bit on the dark side, given how dark some of the shading on Ben is, especially compared to the reprint. Aside from coloring variations and where the blurb was located, I can't see any real differences here.

After so many issues of Marvel Super-Heroes where the Hulk's head got redrawn, it's nice to see that when The Incredible Hulk #148 got reprinted in MSH #97, it was left as is! Oh, there's some coloring variations, and the text at the bottom had to be reduced to accommodate the UPC box, but otherwise, they're pretty close!

Next, we have Amazing Spider-Man #77, and the reprint in Marvel Tales #58. So far as I can see, the original art was statted and reduced, and some extra art was added, most noticeably on the right side. All changes were made to accommodate the logo and, more specifically, the huge Spidey figure on the upper left-hand corner.

Next, it's Avengers #40 and the reprint in Marvel Triple ACtion #32. The original cover art was definitely reduced for this, with some extra art added on the left side. In addition, the Namor figure was shrunken a bit, and emphasis lines added around him. Note also that while there's some background missing near where Namor was, there's extra added to the left side, behind Goliath! Also, I see that Hercules and the Wasp were moved, which meant having to restore some of Hawkeye's boot.

Next, Sgt. Fury #32 and the reprint in issue #134... Oh, the image is shifted down a bit, and coloring's been reworked, and some balloons added, and the blurb reworked.... but otherwise, it looks pretty much the same.

Now, here's something I really don't get at all... when Incredible Hulk #102 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #56, instead of just using the original cover art, a whole new cover was drawn, even though it pretty much depicted the same thing (Bruce's figure at the bottom is almost the exact same pose, even). Oh, sure, they were looking at keeping the cover image of the Hulk consistent with the new comics at the time, but come on... that original cover was magnificent!

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