Monday, April 01, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 1!

Yes, this is a theme week at Random Acts of Geekery! All week long, the posts will feature comic book ads from the past! Let's begin: alltruecrime39_50 This ad for binoculars from All True Crime #39 is notable for the sheer quality of the photograph, although I suspect that some other graphic work was involved. Really, it's quite remarkable for this period, especially considering the reproduction Marvel would do on Kirby's collage pages in Fantastic Four! alltruecrime39_51 Here's an ad from the inside back cover of the book, with its promise to help grow back hair that's falling out... but forget about that... instead, let's play... SPOT THE TYPO! See how long it takes for you to find it, and wonder how nobody caught it! alltruecrime39_52 And from the outside back cover, we have this ad... so, from this issue, we can see that advertisers thought comic book readers were fat, had athelete's foot, were losing their hair... and needed lots of fireworks and weapons! alltruecrime43_02 From All True Crime #43 comes this ad that promises to make any auto repair easy for you to do... sure, maybe back then it would work! I doubt any book that thick would be sufficient for even one make and model of car these days! alltruecrime43_19 Next, it's another muscle building ad! And like the Atlas ads, it uses a comic strip format! The art style looks vaguely familiar... like one of Fawcett's Captain Marvel artists did it! alltruecrime43_33 Could anyone really learn to dance from these things? Did anyone ever order a lighter with their name engraved in gold on it? Inquiring minds want to know!

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