Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 2!

alltruecrime43_52 Still looking at ads from All True Crime #43, and this one... holy crap on a cracker, what could I say about this that wouldn't compromise my PG rating here? Um... maybe that the massager shown there couldn't possibly help anyone lose weight, but maybe it it would... nope, I can't say it here! alltruecrime43_51 Commander -- the Man's Girdle! alltruecrime43_50 This Lone Ranger Silver Bullet Pen Set is the first thing I've posted an ad for here in a long time that looks like something I would've been interested in getting! alltruecrime43_23 I have to say, this is a much cheaper price than the same service being offered today... and that's with the computers available to do this kind of stuff! alltruecrime43_27 Does this set say "glamour" to any of you? I guess we know what kind of clothes Little Dot wore when she grew up, eh?

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