Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Character Collectible Spotlight: Wonder Woman!

DC's Amazing Amazon didn't have a whole lot of merchandise featuring her, at least until the 1970s, when the Lynda Carter TV show was airing! The first item in this spotlight is of the WW Aurora model kit, which I've always been surprised didn't get reissued with other Aurora hero kits as part of the Comic Scenes line! auroradc_ww batman_batmobile_argentina batman_batmobile_argentina Next, it's Girls' Day Out, with WW and Batgirl driving the Batmobile, courtesy of Gulliver Toys, makers of fine superhero merchandise most of us in the States never get to behold with our own eyes, much less own! bendy_wonderwoman_loose.jpg Mego bendy! colorformsdcsh_ww_colorforms.jpg Colorforms set! comicaction_invisibleplane1.JPG comicaction_invisibleplane2.JPG comicaction_wonderwomanblue.JPG Comic Action Heroes Invisible Plane playset and figure! dc_msh_erasers.jpg Eraser! dc_ww_77drinkingglass 1977 drinking glass -- nope, not a Slurpee cup! dch_shakermaker.JPG Shaker Maker set! dclicensing_01_cheetah_mikedecarlodclicensing_37_wondergirldclicensing_52_wonderwoman Licensing art by Mike DeCarlo! dcposter1 Poster! dcsh_170stvtoy.JPG 1970s TV Toy! dcsh_1970savivarings 1970s ring! dcsh_76pepsiwonderwoman Pepsi glass! dcsh_83stickers 1983 stickers! dcsh_argenbottle36_cheetah.jpg Cheetah bottlecap, I've been told this is from Argentina. dcsh_argenpuppetww Same goes for this hand puppet! dcsh_dominoes3.JPG Dominoes! dcsh_pens02_wonderwoman.jpg WW pen! dcsh_sf_cards1a dcsh_sf_cards1b dcsh_sf_cards2a dcsh_sf_cards2b dcsh_sf_cards5a dcsh_sf_cards5b dcsh_sf_cards6a dcsh_sf_cards6b dcsh_sf_cards7a dcsh_sf_cards7b Greeting cards! dcsh_sf_stickers There's an iron-on patch you can barely make out on the left here! dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 00 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 01 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 02 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 03 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 04 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 05 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 06 dcsh_sf_Wonder Woman - 03 - 07 Super Powers mini-comic! dcsh_sf_wwairfreshener Air freshener! dcsh_sf_wwflashligt Flashlight! dcsh_sf_wwmazechasegame Magnetic Maze Chase Game! dcsh_sf_wwpatch Ah, there's a better pic of the iron-on patch! dcsh_sf_wwsharpener dcsh_sf_wwsharpener.JPG Pencil sharpeners! dcsh_sp_wwcoloring1 dcsh_sp_wwcoloring2 Coloring book! dcsh_stickers1.jpg dcsh_stickers3.jpg dcsh_stickons6 Stickers! dcsh_tpb_wonderwoman.jpg From what I've read, this book was Diana's equivalent to the "From the 30s to the 70s" volumes for Superman, Batman, and Captain Marvel. dcsh_tpb_wwcrimebusting.jpgdcsh_tpb_wwtempo.jpg Paperback books! dcsh_ww_1975folder 1975 folder! dcsh_ww_1978costumeargentina Argentina costume from 1978! dcsh_ww_73boardgame 1973 board game! dcsh_ww_74poster.jpg 1974 poster! dcsh_ww_aurorakitbuilt Ah, here's the Aurora kit we started with, built and painted! dcsh_ww_booktapeset Children's book! dcsh_ww_coloringdcsh_ww_coloringbook_molemen Coloring books! dcsh_ww_costume dcsh_ww_costume dcsh_ww_costume2 Costumes! dcsh_ww_dartboard Dartboard! dcsh_ww_flashlight Flashlight! dcsh_ww_flickersticker1dcsh_ww_flickersticker2dcsh_ww_flickersticker3 Flicker Sticker! dcsh_ww_framedart Framed art! dcsh_ww_frametay Frametray puzzle! dcsh_ww_game1 dcsh_ww_game2 1960s board game! dcsh_ww_hat Knit hat! dcsh_ww_jointed Joint action figure! dcsh_ww_lightswitch Lightswitch plate! dcsh_ww_lunchbox Lunchbox! dcsh_ww_mirror Mirror! dcsh_ww_misc Another mirror, and headband! dcsh_ww_musicbox Music box! dcsh_ww_nightlight Nightlight! dcsh_ww_patchdcsh_ww_patchdcsh_ww_patch2 Patches! dcsh_ww_pez Pez! dcsh_ww_plate Plate! dcsh_ww_playingcards Playing cards! dcsh_ww_pooltoy1 dcsh_ww_pooltoy2 Pool toy! dcsh_ww_ring Ring! dcsh_ww_stamps Stamps! dcsh_ww_stickerbook1 dcsh_ww_stickerbook2 Sticker fun book! dcsh_ww_stickers Puffy stickers! dcsh_ww_tiara Tiara! dcsh_ww_toasteesocks Toastee sox! dcsh_ww_tshirt75 T-shirt from 1975! dcsh_ww_underoosdisplay Underoos display! dcsh_ww_uruguaypuzzle Puzzle from Uruguay! dcsh_ww_watch1 dcsh_ww_watch2 Watch! dcsh_ww_wonderbreadcardart-swan Wonder Bread card art by Curt Swan! dcsh_wwbelt.JPG Belt! dcsh_wwcards.jpg Cards! dcsh_wwcorgicar.gif Corgi car! dcsh_wwidealpuppet.jpg Ideal toys hand puppet! dcsh_wwinflatable.JPG Inflatable Wonder Woman doll! (Oh, this is going to get me some hits from people looking for something very different....) dcsh_wwjapanmodel Japanese model! dcsh_wwmagicslate.jpg Magic slate! dcsh_wwplacemat.JPG Placemat! dcsh_wwringargentina.jpg Argentina ring! dcsh_wwscissors.jpg Scissors! dcsh_wwstringpuppet String puppet! dcsh_wwtowel.jpg Towel! dcsh_wwunderoos.jpg Underoos! gamedcsh_ww_game.jpg Yet another WW board game! ideal_wonderwoman Ideal WW figure! mego12ww_nubialoose.jpgmego8dc_wonderwomanbox.jpgmego8titans_wondergirlmegoww12_flyawayww.JPGmegoww12_wonderwomanloose.JPGmegoww12hippolytemegoww12nubiamegoww12stevetrevor.jpg Mego figures! power_ww_album powerdcsh_ww_brunhildepower powerdcsh_ww_powerrecord.JPG powerdcsh_ww_powerrecords powerdcsh_ww_powerreecord Records! sp_wonderwoman.JPGsp_wonderwoman_smallca.JPG Super Powers figure! superbabydcsh_superbabyww.jpg Super Baby! yoyodcsh_ww_yoyo And we'll wrap this up with this Yo-Yo!

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