Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CBT: Captain Marvel Coloring Book!

This installment features a giveaway coloring book, you'll quickly see there's no storyline to it, and in fact, it doesn't even show that Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel! captmarvel01 captmarvel02 captmarvel03 captmarvel04 captmarvel05 captmarvel06 captmarvel07 captmarvel08 captmarvel09 captmarvel10 captmarvel11 captmarvel12 captmarvel13 captmarvel14 captmarvel15 captmarvel16 captmarvel17 captmarvel18 captmarvel19 captmarvel20 captmarvel21 captmarvel22 captmarvel23 captmarvel24 captmarvel25 captmarvel26 captmarvel27 captmarvel28 captmarvel29 captmarvel30 captmarvel31 captmarvel32 captmarvel33 captmarvel34

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