Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cool Stuff!

We're still on DC superheroes stuff, and we begin with some repeated Flash stuff from the relatively recent character collectible spotlight on him!
Color-A-Deck Card Game!
Pinup and poster!

Super-Hero Stamps! More after the jump!
JLA tattoo gum from 1969, featuring Green Arrow on the wrapper!
Assorted partyware!
Robin Color-A-Deck Card Game!
  dcsh_sf_coloringart1 dcsh_sf_coloringart2 dcsh_sf_coloringart3 dcsh_sf_coloringart4 dcsh_sf_coloringart5
Super Friends Coloring Book original art! You may recall I posted this book way back in a Children's Book Theater installment!

Super Friends Paint By Number!

Super Friends Power Builder Set!

Super Friends Power Whirl!

  dcsh_sf_record1frankce dcsh_sf_record2frankce
Super Friends record from France... note it has the John Williams Superman theme, as well as the Wonder Woman TV theme, but nothing from the Super Friends show itself!

Super Friends Robin Flashlight!

 And now, the Super Powers Penguin minicomic!
dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 00 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 01 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 02 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 03 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 04 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 05 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 06 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 07
Next, the Super Powers Batman minicomic!
  dcsh_sf_Batman_01 dcsh_sf_Batman_02 dcsh_sf_Batman_03 dcsh_sf_Batman_04 dcsh_sf_Batman_05 dcsh_sf_Batman_06 dcsh_sf_Batman_07 dcsh_sf_Batman_08
And we'll wrap this up with the Lex Luthor Super Powers Mini-Comic!
dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_01 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_02 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_03 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_04 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_05 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_06 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_07 dcsh_sf_Lex Luthor_08

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