Friday, September 06, 2013

Cover Redux!

Yes, friends, it's time for another edition of Cover Redux, where I compare the covers of original Marvel Comics with the reprints thereof!

A lot of the covers this time around are pretty much unchanged from the originals, such as issue #30 of Sgt. Fury and the reprint in issue #132... the art's shifted down and reduced slightly, but that's about it.
Completely changed is Avengers #10 when it was reprinted in Marvel Triple Action #5, with an all-new cover, which isn't bad, but I definitely prefer the original.

Without looking it up, I'm guessing that when Amazing Spider-Man #30 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #23, the new cover was statted from the splash page, with the Torch and Thor figures added from their respective tales.

Avengers #17 was reprinted in Marvel Triple Action #11 with slight changes, the blurbs were moved or redone, and the original art was reduced with some added on the left.

Similarly, when Incredible Hulk was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #76, the art was pretty much left alone other than shrinking and moving the blurb.

Again, pretty much left alone was Fantastic Four #70 when it was reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics #70... the title blurb was reduced and shifted, and a new blurb added.

When Amazing Spider-Man #149 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #126, the blurb was reduced and moved to make room for the UPC code, and the colorist kept both Spideys' blues the same shade. Note that the very top of the building was eliminated for the reprint... Why? I have no idea.

Finally, we have Sub-Mariner #2 and the reprint in Tales To Astonish (2nd series) #2... reduced and shifted a bit, the blurb moved and reduced, and some extra water effects added to the top.

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