Friday, November 01, 2013

Cover Redux!

Time for things to get back to normal around here... so it's time for an installment of Cover Redux, where I compare the original Marvel Comics cover with the reprint!
First up, we have The Incredible Hulk #148 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #97... And there's not a whole lot of changes made here that I can see! The blurb below was reduced to make room for the UPC code, and it appears the image was shifted to the right, with perhaps a bit of art added to the left side. Also, the top of the art has been altered (look behind the Hulk logo on the reprint).

Next, we have Amazing Spider-Man #77 and Marvel Tales #58... the art's been reduced for the reprint, and art added to each side (mostly to the right side). Note that the Lizard's eye has been colored all red in the reprint!

When Avengers #40 was reprinted in Marvel Triple Action #32, a number of changes were made, but it looks mostly like a cut and paste job, with figures moved around. Note Hercules has shifted to the right, and Namor is smaller, plus the Wasp has been moved as well.

Sgt. Fury #32 and #134 don't have much in the way of changes, other than coloring, adding balloons, and of course repositioning the blurb for the UPC.

All new cover done when Incredible Hulk #102 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #56... even though the same basic layout was used! Why? My guess is to make the Hulk look like he was currently being depicted in the current comics.

Next, Amazing Spider-Man #80 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #61... a slight shift down, but other than that, it's recoloring and moving the blurb around.

Tales to Astonish #93 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #48 don't have too many changes... image shifted down, blurb enlarged... obviously done from a stat, notice the loss of finer details.

I can't see any differences between Sgt. Fury #30 and the reprint in #132, other than shifting it down a bit.

Another all-new cover done when Avengers #10 was reprinted in Marvel Triple Action #5... was it to fit the new cover format at the time? It seems it could've been made to work.

Finally, here's Amazing Spider-Man #30 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #23... my best guess is that the cover for the reprint used the splash page art from the story.

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