Saturday, December 07, 2013

Cover Redux!

Now that this here blog is back to a two posts a day, seven days a week format again (and yes, that'll continue past the Christmas Comics Countdown), I won't be posting as many covers in this feature as I had been recently... but on the other hand, this month will feature FOUR installments!
And first up this time around is X-Men #44 and the reprint in issue #92... and obviously, the reprint has an all-new cover. I think the new cover design is a better design... but the original cover was better executed, if that makes sense to you. Of course, the new cover features the other X-Men who were apparently not involved with the story originally...

Next up, we have Amazing Spider-Man #136 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #113... not much is different... the original art was enlarged and shifted down slightly, but I don't think that's the reason the lines and details are so thick on the reprint, I suspect that was a scanning issue.

Next, we have Sgt. Fury #33 and the reprint in #135... here's a case where I believe the original art wasn't available, and a file stat was used (or else a stat of the original was made), as there's a lot of detail that's dropped out! Fury looks like he's shaved fairly recently!

Finally, we come to Fantastic Four #66 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #49, and it's a great example of how coloring can really make a difference! But first, let's acknowledge the movement of blurbs, shall we? Okay... the reprint cover got a little sloppy with the coloring, as bashful Benjy's eyes almost appear to be closed on the reprint (he almost looks like he's throwing a toddler tantrum as a result). Second, we've got Alicia Masters' hair colored blonde, which makes her look like Sue Richards on the reprint!

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