Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dog of the Geek: Bullet the Wonder Dog!

Breed: German Shepherd

Original Appearances: The Roy Rogers Show (1951-1957)

Other Appearances: Various books, comics, coloring books, and even a Give-A-Show Projector slide or two!

Biography: Bullet the Wonder Dog actually played himself on the show, he was a family pet owned by the show's married stars, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Bullet was portrayed as a master of knowing who the bad guys were.

Powers: Bullet was a highly-trained German Shepherd, and a credit to his breed!

Group Affiliation: Roy Rogers family

Miscellaneous: After Bullet died, Roy Rogers was stuffed and mounted. For 40 years, he and Trigger (Roy's horse) were located in the Roy Rogers Museum, but were later sold in auction. Bullet realized $35K in the auction. They were purchased by RFD-TV, a rural cable company, who planned to air old Roy Rogers movies, introduced by Roy's son, with Bullet and Trigger behind him.