Friday, April 05, 2013

This 'N That Time!

Time for another catch-up on what's going on with me!

ITEM! Krypto's health continues to improve, which is a great relief to me. You know, he's eight now (well, eight and a few months), and the typical boxer lifespan is about 10 years, so I'm looking at a little less than two years that he'll be around. I can't see myself getting another dog after Krypto dies... it seems like it would be rather pointless, especially if I'm still doing long-haul trucking at that time, because boxers are too big to take on the road (as much as I'd love having him with me, he couldn't get in and out of the truck without help). I might change my mind when the time comes, however. We're still working on paying Krypto's medical bills from both his operation and the treatment for the pneumonia, and hopefully I'll have a link on the side today where you can easily make a donation to the cause and become an "official" Friend of Krypto! I'm working on some ideas as to what kind of reward I can pass along to those who donate $5 or more.

ITEM! My adventures in trucking continue to go from the just annoying to the extremely frustrating. My new driver manager is a definite improvement, and my loads have been getting more profitable. The current problem is my truck! When I came home on Friday, I put the truck in the shop because the windshield needed to be replaced, the regeneration system was acting weird (semis have a filter in the exhaust that needs to be cleaned about every two to three weeks, which is called regeneration -- my truck has been doing regens every day, sometimes twice a day), plus I wanted the brakes checked and the oil topped off. Well, they got all this done, and then decided that the clutch needed to be replaced, which looks like it'll take another week. I was supposed to be back on the road yesterday, but with the truck being worked on for that long, it's too long a wait, so my driver manager has been working on getting me a new truck... which is fine, but I had to get the rest of my personal stuff out of the old truck, and I'm still waiting for the new truck. I'm not looking forward to having to haul all my stuff into the new truck, especially since my home terminal doesn't have any place I can park near the truck to transfer items over... it's about a two block walk between the driver's personal vehicle parking and where the trucks are parked, and it'll probably take four to five trips back and forth. I've considered bringing my hand truck with me to make it easier, although it would help if I had more stuff in boxes rather than in plastic grocery bags right now!

ITEM! I'm currently reading a very fascinating book, The Lady and Her Monster by Roseanne Montillo. It's all about Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, and about where she got some of her inspirations for the book from the scientists of the day. I received this book as a review copy, and unfortunately it didn't arrive until I was already on the road, so I've just been reading it over the past few days. Like I said, it's very fascinating stuff, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in the development of one of the true classics of literature, as well as fans of Frankenstein in all the various incarnations. I'll be writing a more complete review once I'm done, and since I received two copies, there'll be a contest of some kind where one of you faithful readers can win a free copy of the book from me!

ITEM! I'm still working on how I can manage to keep this blog going while I'm trucking. Currently, I try to get stuff done when I'm home, but I don't always get much free time (need to spend time with the wife and kids, of course). What I'd like to do is bring one of my wife's old laptops with me on the road, so I can at least work on some pieces (such as Indexible Hulk, Dog of the Geek, the various TV reviews that have fallen to the wayside, the return of Geek TV, and other features), and if I can ever get some kind of internet service option that won't cost me too much, I can work on other things as well. What I really need to do is get a power adapter so I can plug the laptop into the cigarette lighter adapter on the truck (there's four of them, two in the cab, two in the sleeper), and I kind of ran out of time to look, as well as the money to purchase.

ITEM! There are no more items!

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 5!

And it's the last day of this week-long series of comic book ads! amazingdetective13_16 And again, we're looking at ads from Amazing Detective Stories, this one from issue #13.... now, I still don't believe you can learn any combat technique from books alone, but I do think this ad looks pretty good!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 4!

You may recall that in a previous installment of Comic Book ads, I presented an ad for a men's girdle... and you'd think that only one of those would've been advertised in comic books... but you'd be WRONG! amazingdetective12_15 Here, from Amazing Detective Stories #12, it's the Chevalier! I've got no idea if this has any connection to Maurice or not.... well, probably not...

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 3!

alltruecrime46_02 Today's ads come from All True Crime #46, and I've got to say, I really dig this first one because of that projector toy (no surprise there, I'd imagine). I've seen those offered a few times on eBay, but always out of my price range!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 2!

alltruecrime43_52 Still looking at ads from All True Crime #43, and this one... holy crap on a cracker, what could I say about this that wouldn't compromise my PG rating here? Um... maybe that the massager shown there couldn't possibly help anyone lose weight, but maybe it it would... nope, I can't say it here!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 1!

Yes, this is a theme week at Random Acts of Geekery! All week long, the posts will feature comic book ads from the past! Let's begin: alltruecrime39_50 This ad for binoculars from All True Crime #39 is notable for the sheer quality of the photograph, although I suspect that some other graphic work was involved. Really, it's quite remarkable for this period, especially considering the reproduction Marvel would do on Kirby's collage pages in Fantastic Four!