Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Comics Countdown: Dell Giant #53, Part 2!


Dog of the Geek: Grimm!

Breed: Bull Terrier

Original Appearances: Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip by Mike Peters, 1984 to present

Other Appearances: Various bits of merchandise, plus Saturday morning cartoon series.

Biography: Grimm, aka Grimmy, is the pet of Mother Goose along with the cat Attila. He is the central character of the comic strip, and is able to speak with both human and animal characters (although it used to be he communicated via his thought balloons).

Powers: Ability to speak to both humans and animals.

Group Affiliation: Goose household

Miscellaneous: The comic strip, in case you haven't ever read it, varies between gag-a-day format and longer storylines.