Friday, April 18, 2014

Covers Redux!

Time for another round of "Covers Redux," in which I compare two Marvel Comics covers, the original and the reprint, looking for differences!
First up, it's Amazing Spider-Man #131 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #10. There's been some changes made here, although I'm having a difficult time figuring out how it was done. If you look at the Spider-Man figure on both covers, he's clearly closer to the edge of the page on the original than in the reprint, yet when you look at Aunt May's bridal veil, it seems to be the same distance on both! Yet, I can't spot where there's any real changes made that would accommodate this! It's almost as though it was rotated slightly, which wouldn't make any sense. Of course, the blurb has been altered between the two covers, too.

Next, we have The Incredible Hulk #140 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #91. Obviously, the entire cover was shifted down a bit, but that's not the only change! Note the hand reaching for the Julk and Jarella... it's a new hand on the reprint, or at the very least it's been altered (the shadow on the hand is completely solid, whereas a darker blue was used on the original). Note also that the people on the lower left corner are entirely gone in the reprint, apparently it was decided to get rid of them entirely, as they'd be mostly covered by the UPC code.

Next, we're looking at Fantastic Four #89 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #71. I wish the scan of the original had been scanned lighter, as it would make things easier. Anyway, there's been some cutting and pasting done here... Pretty much everything has been moved around! Reed's been shifted to the left and rotated slightly, with the Mole Man moved to the right and rotated also (it also looks like his hands and staff are moved even more). The Torch is in more or less the same position, but rotated also. Sue has been moved up and to the left, and the Thing has been moved down, rotated a little more. Finally, Crystal has been flipped and reduced slightly. So far as the background is concerned, a wall and door has been added to the reprint (above Moley), and a new table has been added behind Reed's arm as well as a picture on the wall... in fact, it looks as though about the only original item left from the original background is the lamp in front of Sue, and even that has been relocated!

Next, Silver Surfer #3 and Fantasty Masterpieces #3, where the only changes are that the art is shifted lower, the blurb is relettered and relocated. Also note that the Silver Surfer logo has gone from behind Mephisto to in front of him. I'd also like to point out that I think the coloring on the original is much better than the reprint!

Finally, we're ending with Amazing Spider-Man #104 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #83. Obviously, the switch in the cover formatting required some changes! The art has been shifted to the right and down, with new art added to accommodate the change. The blurb has been reduced and shifted as well, and the "Kraven the Hunter" burb has been relettered and relocated.

As always, if you spot any changes I missed, please post them in the comments!

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  1. The pastor's shoulder in the remake is different than the original. Less of it is shown.


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