Thursday, May 08, 2014

Comics They Never Made!

Time once again for a group of faked-up comic book covers for licensed comics that never existed, for one reason or another!
Eight is Enough was such a popular show that I'm still amazed that Gold Key never considered getting the license to produce a comic based on it... I suppose the size of the cast, and needing an artist that was good enough to make the daughters distinct enough, were likely the two biggest factors here!

I'd forgotten, until I was searching for images for these three Facts of Life comic cover mockups, that the first season (at least) of the show had a much larger cast, which was cut down to the more familiar cast seen in the last one. This sort-of spinoff from Diff'rent Strokes was another very popular show, and it seems to me that it would've been a natural for comics, especially since a comic book wouldn't have had to limit the locations so much as the TV show did -- I seem to recall that most episodes of the show were set around the school, with only a few other locations.

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