Monday, May 12, 2014

Kirby Kovers!

Time once again for another round of Kirby Kovers!
First up, we have Tales of Suspense #13, with Elektro cover-featured. While he's not the most impressive of the Kirby giant monsters, I can't help but note that some details of Elektro's construction remind me of Dr. Doom, particularly the hands!

I've always liked the cover to Stuntman Comics #2, ever since I first saw it. Working with Joe Simon, I can't even guess which of them came up with the idea of making the cover look like the cover of a book, adding another nice element to what was already a pretty cool cover!

Next, Strange Tales #94, with Pildoor, the Plunderer! That's a cool-looking alien, although some elements strike me as being familiar. I suppose even Kirby couldn't keep coming up with monsters and aliens that looked completely different from one another, some recurring elements were bound to appear!

The cover of Boy Commandos #2 is a bit different from most Kirby Kovers, in that there's no background other than the yellow field and red circle, but that just draws more attention to the figures of the Boy Commandos giving Hitler the bum's rush!

Next, we have Incredible Hulk #5, which I'd covered in "The Indexible Hulk" quite a while back. Kirby's Hulk was massive in ways that were different from any other artist's rendition of the Hulk. Note that Kirby's Hulk torso wasn't nearly as long as other artists would render it. The head still shows very much the Frankenstein influence, too. He's almost built more like a gorilla than a strongman human, eh?

I don't know what was up with the cover to Journey into Mystery #93... while Kirby is credited with it, that Thor figure appears to have been redrawn somewhat. Then again, the early Thor appearances tended to have him looking a bit more slender than we're accustomed to these days.

Finally, we've got X-Men #19... with the first appearance of the Mimic, making him look like quite the threat! I'm not sure any other artist could really render him this menacing, although that costume really doesn't show the usual Kirby imagination, does it?

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  1. Was that last X-Men cover all Jack? To me it looks a lot like Werner Roth over Kirby layouts, like in the stories.


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