Saturday, February 08, 2014

Monster Stuff!

Time to look at some monster stuff!
And we begin with this one Godzilla item left out of the last "Monster Stuff" post, a Japanese book and record based on Godzilla's Revenge!

Book and Record Set: Fred Flintstone the Magician!

Here's another video I created from a book and record set in my collection, "Fred Flinstone the Magician"!

14 Days of Romance Comics: Just Married #10


Friday, February 07, 2014

Fandom Library: The Amazing World of DC Comics #16!

Gorgeous cover on this issue!

Cover Redux!

It's that time again, when I compare two Marvel Comics covers... the original cover, and the reprint version!

First up, we have Sgt. Fury #31 and the reprint in issue #133... and to my eye, the original cover was reduced slightly and shifted down, but no other changes that I can see.

14 Days of Romance Comics: Love Romances #82


Thursday, February 06, 2014

It's eBayin' Time!

Things are getting tight around here these days, and so it's time for me to sell, sell sell! You can find all of my current auctions by clicking here. I've got a pretty decent variety of items for sale, including vintage coloring books, children's books, records and toys, with genres covering Hanna-Barbera, super-heroes, Disney, and more! Some highlights follow after the jump! And as a special bonus for you guys, if you bid and win any of the items I'm offering, when paying, mention Random Acts of Geekery or simply RAOG in the message field in PayPal, and I'll rebate you 10% of your winning bid!

CBT: Little Audrey and the Moon Lady!


14 Days of Romance Comics: Pictorial Confessions #3


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Monkees, Episode 12: I've Got A Little Song Here

We are up to the 12th episode of the Monkees' TV series, and this one, "I've Got A Little Song Here," was written by Treva Silverman, and directed by Bruce Kessler. The two songs featured in this episode are "Gonna Buy Me A Dog," written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, and "Mary, Mary," written by Mike Nesmith. The first song was featured on The Monkees' self-titled first album, while the latter was on the second one, "More of the Monkees." The guest cast included Phil Leeds as Bernie, Irwin Charone as the Producer, Joseph Mell as Harry, Owen McGiveny as the Old Man, Buddy Lewis as the Watchman, Mary Foran as Hilda, Bobby Johnson as the Postman, Larry Gelman as the Director, and Leigh Chapman as Joanie.

Writer Treva Sylverman wrote five episodes of Captain Nice, and six episodes of The Monkees (the next episode written by her is "One Man Shy," also known as "Peter and the Debutante"). Director Bruce Kessler directed four episodes of The Monkees, the next being "Monkees at the Circus." He also directed single episodes of The Flying Nun, Mission: Impossible, I Dream of Jeannie, Alias Smith and Jones, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, T. J. Hooker, and Knight Rider, and five episodes of The Greatest American Hero, among other credits.

Phil Leeds is one of those character actors that you seem to spot all the time... and he has a great list of credits, but we'll focus on those that might be of more interest to you: He played Blackie Sorrell in a 1962 episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, appeared in two episodes of Car 54, Where Are You? in two different roles, played Dr. Shand in Rosemary's Baby, appeared in an episode of The Second Hundred Years, played three different parts in three different episodes of The Odd Couple, was in the TV version of It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman! playing an MIT technician, was Keek in an episode of The Lost Saucer, was the Chief Monk in History of the World: Part 1, was Banker Schlockmocker in Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie, one episode of ALF, but may be best remembered for his seven different roles in seven episodes of Barney Miller, Uncle Mel in Everybody Loves Raymond, or perhaps as Judge Dennis "Happy" Boyle in Ally McBeal. He died in 1998.

Irwin Charone had credits in one episode of My Favorite Martian, two episodes of Mister Ed, three on The Jack Benny Program, two on The Munsters, one episode of  My Mother The Car, would appear in a 1967 Monkees episode, "Monkee Mayor" playing the Major, two roles on Get Smart, two on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, five roles on Bewitched (most of them as clients for McMann and Tate), and also appeared in the movies Herbie Rides Again and The Strongest Man in the World. Joseph Mell previously had an uncredited role in When Worlds Collide, as well as The Atomic City, played The Professor in a 1953 episode of The Adventures of Superman, Lah in The Lost Planet, Dr. Hugo Wagner in I Was a Teenage Werewolf, appeared in a single episode of The Twilight Zone, one episode of The Munsters, two episodes of My Living Doll (playing different parts each time), two episodes of Bewitched, one of It's About Time, two of Get Smart, one  Nanny and the Professor, one The Magician, but if you recognize him from anything else, it's probably from playing the Earth Trader in the original Star Trek pilot episode, "The Cage" (later reincorporated into "The Menagerie, Part 1 and 2").

Owen McGiveney earlier appeared in uncredited roles in Journey to the Center of the Earth as a shopkeeper, as well as a physician in Snow White in the Three Stooges, guested in an episode of The Outer Limits as well as an episode of Bewitched, and played Charles in an episode of Batman. He died in 1967. Buddy Lewis had appeared in an episode of Adventures of Superman, My Living Doll, The Munsters, I Dream of Jeannie, two Man From UNCLEs, and a Mission: Impossible. He died in 1986.  Mary Foran appeared in single episodes of Mister Ed, It's About Time, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Girl From UNCLE, and The Second Hundred Years. She died in 1981. Leigh Chapman also appeared in eight episode of The Man From UNCLE, playing different parts in nearly every episode, but she's got more geek credits as a writer, writing single episodes of My Favorite Martian and Mission: Impossible, as well as eight episodes of The Wild, Wild West.

Larry Gelman has credits for single episodes of Mission: Impossible, I Dream of Jeannie (playing Sigmund Freud in a 1966 episode), Batman, Get Smart, and Nanny and the Professor, would later appear in two more Monkees episodes, two Flying Nun, and had roles in Now You See Him, Now You Don't and The Strongest Man in the World and Wholly Moses!, had an appearance in Mork & Mindy, but may be most remembered as Officer Bernstein in eight episodes of Eight is Enough, or as Hubie Binder in six episodes of Maude, Dr. Bernie Tupperman in 13 episodes of The Bob Newhart Show, or 12 episodes of The Odd Couple as Vinnie.

Castle of Frankenstein #24!


Castle of Frankenstein #24!

Puzzle Time!

We're continuing with Marvel Fun & Games #1, but before the puzzles, here's one of the "fun" features:

Now, the puzzles... solutions after the jump!
Did you save the codebreaker from a previous installment?

14 Days of Romance Comics: Lovelorn #8


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cool Stuff!

Time for another installment of Cool Stuff! Let's see what I have for you this time...

First up is this lobby card for the serial The Phantom Empire, a rather odd serial with elements of science fiction as well as westerns!

Comic Book Ads: More Fawcett House Ads!

And it's back to looking at Fawcett's house ads, beginning with this one promoting the appearances of Hoppy the Marvel Bunny!

14 Days of Romance Comics: Just Married #4


Monday, February 03, 2014

Kirby Kovers!

Time for another parade of great comic book covers by Jack "King" Kirby!







Dog of the Geek: Tiger!

tigerBreed: Mixed

Original Appearances: The Brady Bunch

Other Appearances: See Miscellaneous

Biography: Tiger originally appeared in one episode of The Brady Bunch, the pilot. During the taping of the first season episode “Katchoo” during the first season, the dog playing Tiger was killed by an automobile. The dog's trainer, Joe Hornok, find a similar-looking dog from the pound to appear in the episode in the original Tiger's place, and this dog appeared in a few other episodes, but due to the lack of training, the character was written out of the show.

Powers: None

Group Affiliation: Brady family

Miscellaneous: Tiger's doghouse remained on the backyard set of The Brady Bunch because it covered up a burn hole in the astroturf made by a falling light. Tiger had also appeared in the movie A Boy and His Dog alongside Don Johnson. The second Tiger went on to have more TV and film credits than the original, according to The Brady Bunch Book by Andrew J. Edelstein. The original Tiger was owned by Lou Schumacher, who was also a dog handler on the original Lassie series.

14 Days of Romance Comics: I Loved #29