Saturday, July 05, 2014

Fandom Library: Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster!

The government isn't the only organization sponsoring comics... oh, no! You probably remember the handful of Radio Shack-sponsored comics with Superman and Supergirl, but how many of you remember ever seeing this one?

Friday, July 04, 2014

Comics They Never Made!

Got a real mixed bag of mocked-up covers for licensed comics we never saw in our reality!

First off, it's a Green Acres mock-up. This one was a surprise for me when I was researching popular TV shows that never had a comic adaptation, because I would've figured it would've been a natural! Been a long time since I've seen an episode of the show, but I figured that Arnold Ziffel, the pig, would've been a prime candidate for wacky stories.

I never was a fan of Good Times, but I did remember some minor details about it, such as Jimmy Walker's character being the most popular on the show, especially with his "Dy-No-Mite!" catchphrase (they were big on catchphrases back then), so that had to be featured on the cover!

Here Comes the Grump was a Saturday morning cartoon that I'm pretty sure I never saw, although from my research it appears the show still has a fairly big following... no shortage of images to be found there!

Lucy's first show, I Love Lucy, was done in comics form, but none of her later shows. When I was saving images to make up this cover, I discovered that Here's Lucy was not the Lucy show I was thinking it was, where Lucy played Lucile Charmichael... that one was The Lucy Show! It gets confusing, doesn't it? Odds are, I probably saw this Lucy show more often than I saw The Lucy Show (if that's not too confusing).

Here's a show that I thought lasted a lot longer than it actually did... Here Come the Double-Deckers was a British show that was apparently shown on American television in syndication, which is where my siblings and I saw it. I can still hear the theme song in my head, decades after I would've seen it last!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Government Comics!

Time to present another government-sponsored comic book... and this time the focus is on nutrition!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

This N That!

I see I completely missed getting a post out for today, so consider this the post I missed posting at midnight last night!

ITEM! I still find myself missing Krypto every single day... it just seems wrong, off, to not have him around. Our polydactyl cat, Rocky, seems to be doing his best to provide some animal affection in Krypto's stead, but it's not quite the same, is it? I've been finding myself seeing photos of boxers available for adoption and thinking maybe we should... but then I realize that even if the dog looked like Krypto, it wouldn't be Krypto. I'm just not that ready yet.

ITEM! If you haven't been checking out my eBay auctions lately, you've been missing out on some cool stuff! Lately, I'm trying to get some lots of comics up for sale, as well as some trade paperbacks. As always, if you include the phrase "Random Acts of Geekery" or even just "RAOG" in a message with PayPal payment (assuming you win, naturally -- and there are buy it now prices on pretty much everything), I'll rebate you 10% of your winning bid!

ITEM! Summer's here, and the time is right... for trying to keep my kids out of trouble while school is out for the summer. Since I'm still working nights, at least the first two days of the week, we have someone watching the kids so I can get some sleep. Mondays, my Mom has the shift, while Tuesdays (as well as Monday and Wednesday between when Jessi leaves for work and when I get home from work), it's our regular babysitter, Sydney. Thursdays -- i.e., today -- I get home from work and am up all day watching the kids. That means that from 3 PM on Wednesday (when I need to get up so our sitter can get home and get ready for her real job) until around 9 PM on Thursday, I'm awake (unless I can squeeze in a nap Thursday afternoon). We don't usually do a whole lot on Wednesdays, since I'm so tired, but we do go to our local library. I have fond memories of summers as a kid going to the library at least once a week, and looking to see what books I might find of interest (it's my library visits that sparked my love of monster movies). These days, most of what I check out for myself are graphic novels and trade paperbacks, giving me a chance to see what's up with the current comic books (for the most part, I find that I'm not missing much). My kids don't quite have the hang of the library yet... our first trip, son Tristan decided to check out several books in a series that he'd read the first one of... and two weeks later, when it was time to return, he'd only read half of the first book. We're going later today, and I still don't think he's finished that one book (he returned the others last week, and we renewed the checkout). Desi could only find one book our first time, but then last week, she wanted to check out seven age-appropriate books, and I don't think she's read more than one (which she read on the drive home from the library). I'm looking forward to what's waiting for me today, which includes two TPBs of Neal Adams-drawn Batman stories!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Character Collectible Spotlight: Pixie and Dixie!

This time around, the Character Collectible Spotlight falls on Pixie and Dixie, as well as their eternal nemesis, Mr. Jinx!
First up, we have this vintage Frame-Tray puzzle!