Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sci-Fi Pulp Magazine Cover Gallery!


Time for another gallery of classic SF pulp covers! These are all pulps that I've sold on eBay in the past, although there's always a chance one or two of these are still available in my eBay store!

The guys riding spaceships here remind me of Roxy Rocket from Superman: The Animated Series!

Unfortunately, the mailing label obscures a lot on some of the digest-sized covers, doesn't it?


The 1970s covers didn't tend to be quite as exciting as the '40s and '50s covers, weren't they?

This is the sort of image that would've been expected on DC's Strange Adventures or Mystery in Space comics, eh?

Whenever I look at this one, I'm expecting a Terry Gilliam-esque animation sequence (that's the guy from Monty Python, in case you don't recognize the name).

Another cover that wouldn't have been out of place on a Silver Age DC SF comic!

This particular cover is a bit on the risqué side, isn't it? Note the author credit on "The Belt" -- it's been known for a long time that the Silver Age Atom was named Ray Palmer after the SF writer... I'm thinking it's no great stretch that Kid Flash's alter ego was named Wally West after this guy!

I suspect this cover influenced some of the costume designs on the original Star Trek!

Yet another cover with an image that fits right in with 1960s DC SF comics!

I am not sure what's going on on this cover, but doesn't it make you want to find out?

Just enough of a wisp present to cover up the "naughty bits," as they used to say... This one threw me off a bit the first few times I looked at it, as I assumed the girl was riding this creature sidesaddle, and the wings just looked off, but then I realized she's turning to face behind her, so we're getting a rear view!

A lot of helmets on these looked to be inspired by either Roman soldier helmets or Spanish conquistador helmets!

And this cover looks like as good a place to end this installment, with what looks like a young Dr. Smith from Lost In Space being menaced by the Tree of Wrath!

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