Friday, January 16, 2015

This is the 6,915th Post to This Blog...

...and, unfortunately, at this time it appears it will be the last one.

It's my sad duty to admit that, despite my attempts to keep it otherwise, I just can't keep this blog going on any kind of regular basis any more. Between what I laughingly call my "regular job," running my eBay sales (which have been taking up a lot more time than I ever anticipated, but do at least help supplement my income, sometimes considerably), all the time that's being taken dealing with my son's Type 1 Diabetes (which now includes training a service dog for him, named Radar... for some reason, it's falling to me to work on training this dog when it's my days off), the occasional freelance transcription job, and probably a few dozen other items that are slipping my mind at the moment, I'm not being left with much time to do anything else, much less try to keep things going here.

I am hoping that at some point in the future, things will change and I can get back into blogging again, either reviving Random Acts of Geekery, or maybe even starting something new and different, but I really can't even say if this could happen in a few months, a few years, or when I retire from working!

This blog and its archives will still remain here, able to be perused as you will, for as long as Blogger lets it stay without my adding new posts, so nothing's disappearing (I always hate it when someone announces they're stopping a blog and delete it entirely!). Honestly, I'll be coming to the main page every day  myself, just because the link list on the side is my list of blogs I read on a regular basis, so I could well be the only person increasing the counter after a while.

Anyway, it's been a good run, even if it hasn't been as long a run as I'd been wanting. I had plans to try to expand the "Random Acts of Geekery" brand beyond this blog (actually, if you go to my eBay store, you'll see it's called "Random Stuff of Geekery"), possibly coming up with some kind of print or digital book or magazine version eventually, but that's clearly not happening now!

I'd like to thank all of my readers who've supported this blog through the years, whether you've ever left a comment or commented regularly. I'd also like to thank my fellow bloggers who've added RAOG to their own blog's link list, or even linked to specific items that helped drive some traffic this way. Working on this blog has been a labor of love for me, and knowing that each post is being seen by 500 or so people each day has meant a lot to me.

So, this is the big sign-off... keep on geeking, my friends! And directly below this post, you'll find a "lost" Children's Book Theater post that was supposed to run back in 2011, but for whatever reason got stuck as "scheduled" without ever getting published!

All my best,


CBT: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars - The Crime of Centuries!

Yes, it's time for another break from the Hanna-Barbera items... this should be a much longer break this time!

Monday, January 12, 2015