Saturday, July 25, 2015

Random Acts of Geekery Returns August 1, 2015!

Please help get the word out if you can by posting links on your blog or on any social media you might be using...

On August 1st, 2015, Random Acts of Geekery returns in an all-new monthly "blogazine" format! I’ve missed working on RAOG during this all-too-long hiatus, and have been excited to work on the new version (I’ve already prepared the August through November issues, if you can believe that)! The new format allows me a bit more flexibility to work ahead, as well as to provide a nice variety of features each month.

Readers of the all-new Random Acts of Geekery will be able to either read each issue like normal blog posts, going through each article one-by-one and clicking the “previous posts” button at the end of each article, or they can select articles they’re interested in from the table of contents, which will open them up in new windows or tabs (depending on which browser they’re using). There will be new features showing up, some old features returning, some features slightly changing, and of course all the various features that fans of RAOG have been enjoying for years.

Below, you'll see the cover for the first issue... if you want to post it with your links, that would be very cool! I'm very excited to get some feedback on this first issue, and am looking forward to hearing from my readers!