Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Sci-Fi Pulp Cover Gallery!


It's probably been way too long since I did one of these! Just as a reminder, these are old pulp magazines that I had for sale on eBay well over a year ago, although a few selected ones here and there may still be available (check my eBay link to see).

Not much to say about the April 1950 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries, other than that this is a rather bizarre cover! I mean, given the size of the cat in the background, the woman must be a foot tall at best!

Here's a classic old-school spaceship and flight crew on the cover of Space Stories October 1952. What I find most interesting is the title "Man of Two Worlds," and I wonder if that story inspired the classic "Flash of Two Worlds" in any way!

Amazing Stories September, 1947.

Amazing Stories December 1947 features "The Green Man Returns," and I can't help but feel like he looks rather familiar... like he's almost a pastiche of several mystical comic book characters in many ways.

I like the smaller space vehicle on the cover of Other Worlds May 1953.

It's neat that the cover of Fantastic Adventures August 1952 allowed the moons or whatever they are to float over the logo!

Galaxy April 1952

Astounding Science Fiction June 1952 seems to feature... Spaaaaaaaace Mohicans!

The cover of Amazing Stories May 1951 seems to have inspired several things... the Lost in Space model kit with the cyclops menacing the Robinsons, the neanderthal man model from Aurora's Prehistoric Scenes, and perhaps even the menace in the classic Star Trek episode "Galileo 7"!

That's one form-fitting top on the babe featured on the cover of Startling Stories May 1951!

Other Worlds Science Stories November 1949 (the first issue) wasted no time getting a monster AND a fabulous space babe with no top on for its first cover... and had the audacity to combine them together!

Startling Stories November, 1947

Science Fiction Quarterly May 1954... and I can't help but wonder why the rocket man has a full body suit and he's carrying a babe who's barely keeping her halter top and miniskirt on!

Amazing Stories October 1947!

Amazing Stories January 1953!

Two Complete Science-Adventure Books #2... and it's another appearance of Edmond Hamilton's The Star Kings!

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