Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Kirby Kovers Week, Day 2!


It's the second day of Kirby Kovers week, and we start with a look at Black Cat Mystic #60!
Of the work that Simon and Kirby did for Harvey, this one looks the least like their work to me. I think the reason this looks "off" is due to the feathering done on the robe of the guy in the foreground, as well as elsewhere on the cover. The giveaway that this was an S&K production, at least to my eye, is on the fireplace and other furniture. What do you think?
I'm guessing that Strange Tales #93's cover was pencils by Kirby with inks by Ditko, but Ditko sure overwhelmed Kirby's look with his inks, didn't he?

This issue of Young Romance is probably one of the most famous of Simon and Kirby's romance comics work. Anyone who says that Kirby couldn't draw gorgeous women should take a look at this cover... Linda is smoldering with sexiness, if you ask me!

The Silver Surfer graphic novel was painted based on Kirby's pencils, and it's something I have yet to read, sadly. I don't know who the golden woman is supposed to be (she kind of resembles Her, the counterpart to Adam Warlock when he was called Him), but I do have to wonder if she inspired John Byrne in the creation of Nova, aka Frankie Raye's identity as a herald of Galactus!

Marvel was never one to  let a good name go to waste, obviously! The cover of Tales to Astonish #58 featured a character called Colossus, and of course earlier there was the Living Colossus (later revived by Tony Isabella), and later there was the X-Men's Colossus! Looking at this classic Kirby Kover, I find myself hoping that a future installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Scott Lang or someone else using Hank Pym's particles to become Giant-Man! They made Ant-Man work extraordinarily well, I see no reason they couldn't do the same for Giant-Man.

Here's the cover of Boy Commandos #23, and I don't know if this was a "real" adventure of the team, or if it was a dream sequence... If it was the former, it seems that Simon and Kirby weren't satisfied with "just" producing war stories... then again, this title did kind of get into some bizarre, odd territory at times, such as the cover where Brooklyn was dressed as Superman, and I believe that the Crazy Quilt villain was introduced in this title, too!

The cover for Alarming Tales #1 has the same use of feathering or crosshatching that we saw at the beginning of this installment, although the characters look more like Simon and Kirby's work than the other one. It's interesting to compare how toned down the blurbs were on these Harvey thrillers compared to the Marvel monster books, eh?

I have to admit, Tales of Suspense #96's cover is probably my least favorite of Kirby's Captain America covers... Cap almost looks resigned to just falling to his doom! The blurb looks like it was rushed together at the last minute, too, without the usual dynamic lettering.

Young Romance #9's cover shows that sisters seem to be a common theme in S&K romance comics covers, doesn't it? Note that both the young women are covered up way more than Linda was above. Jane almost seems to be wearing one of Adam Strange's hand-me-downs, doesn't she?

Kirby's imagination really let loose on his 1970s DC work, especially on the Fourth World titles. I mean, check out the cover of Mister Miracle, there's a dude who's just a head in a glass box, and he looks like a real menace, too! 

More Kirby Kovers tomorrow!

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