Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Geek TV: Legends of Tomorrow Season Wrap-Up!


As I'm catching up with the season finales of this season's Geek TV shows, I'm posting about them. Of course, there will be spoilers, so if you haven't seen these episodes yet (or already been spoiled on Facebook), you might want to hold off on reading more!

Legends of Tomorrow has been an interesting show this season. The idea that you'd take a bunch of characters who aren't really well-known to the general public and put them on one program that ended up being immersed in DC comics history and continuity is remarkable in and of itself, and the fact that things ended up the way they did was nothing short of an amazing accomplishment!

First things first: I have loved all the nods to continuity in this program, and how even the slightest reference usually had a pay-off as the show progressed. Per Degaton was mentioned in the very first episode, and we actually got to see him (although only as a young boy). To be sure, Degaton wasn't the same character we'd been accustomed to, but I'm happy with what they did with him.

When they killed off Carter Hall/Hawkman fairly early in the series, I wasn't worried, because part of the very essence of the character (the whole reincarnation thing) meant that they would be able to bring him back, it was just a matter of time. When they brought Jonah Hex onto the show for an episode, they were spot-on.

I think my favorite character of this first season had to be Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold. Even though he had that "frosty" exterior thing going on, you could tell early on that he really did have a good side to him, and that he was enjoying being part of something bigger and more important. For that matter, Heat Wave had a similar character arc this season. Yes, he had a violent temper, and worked for the Time Masters as Chronos for a while, but honestly, given how quickly he turned around and rejoined the team, you had to figure that's what he really wanted. He wasn't used to being friends with anyone (one could argue that while he and Captain Cold were partners, they really didn't become friends until their adventures with Rip Hunter and the team). It was a big surprise to me when they killed him off in the season finale, because I was looking forward to more with him.

Not so surprising was having Hawkman and Hawkgirl quitting the team at the end of the season. Having accomplished the goal of killing Vandal Savage, they really didn't have a reason to stay on the team. Unlike the other members, their very history was the reason they were part of things, and their arc was over.

White Canary, Firestorm, the Atom, and Heat Wave really don't have much of a reason to not be a part of the team. Oh, one could argue that Professor Stein has his wife at home, and that's a reason for him to stay in the present, but even she recognized that Stein needs this, and needs to be a part of this. Sara Lance (White Canary) could have decided to stay in the present, and even taken her role back as the Black Canary (given what's happened over in Arrow), but I like her being part of this team.

I think this series shows real promise in the second season, especially being able to get a full season in. Having Hourman showing up, and having him being a part of the JSA, gets me excited to see who else will be showing up. Doctor Fate seems like he would be a good choice of the JSA members (I'm sure that WB has to still have the helmet from Smallville around), and his SFX can't be any worse to deal with than the Hawks were (I'm pretty sure all of the wings seen on the screen were CGI and not practical effects). We've had mentions of Ma Hunkle (the original Red Tornado), so that's also a real possibility.

The big question is, how is this version of the JSA going to be presented? We haven't seen any signs of the JSA in Arrow or Flash -- the only previous costumed vigilante we've known about is Wildcat, who has been severely underused (I'm hoping he'll make a return in costume as a JSA member). So far as other JSA members, there are a lot to choose from, and none of them are really a part of any of DC's film plans, so things are wide open there. I'm hoping that they will have Starman or Stargirl there, but I can't imagine we'll see Power Girl. The original Atom is unlikely, I'd imagine, since the Legends already has Ray Palmer. I think the Spectre is too big a character for this, too.

Perhaps we will see Alan Scott, but that rumor had already been going around and shut down (because of the DC movies with the GLC). While it would be cool to have the Jay Garrick Flash (as seen in The Flash), that would put the JSA as being on Earth 3, and they haven't dealt with alternate earths on Legends at all.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they do!

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