Monday, May 09, 2016

Kirby Kovers!

kirbycovers Time for another round of Kirby Kovers! blackpanther7 First up, we've got the cover of The Black Panther #7. As you can see, this was well into Kirby's 1970s mode of being even more stylized than he was in the 1960s. Now, I'll be honest in that I prefer his earlier work, but I can also appreciate this modified style that he started using upon his return to Marvel. I mean, look at the figure of T'Challa jumping right out at you! Those blacks on the costume delineating the undeniable Kirby anatomy, the assortment of people reacting to what's going on... pure comics magic! blackmagicv1n2 Next, we have Black Magic Volume 1, Number 2. This is obviously a Simon and Kirby production, and while some might have a hard time connecting the Kirby touch between this cover and the first one, it's more than obvious to me! 22696 The cover of Gunsmoke Western #56 is a bit more staid than Kirby's usual covers, especially for western comics, isn't it? Then again, at least the top half doesn't really lend itself to being a solid image by itself, is it? I think it would've been better if Kirby had been able to do a multi-paneled cover just featuring the Kid Colt story! 29350 Next, the cover of the one-shot Tales of Asgard #1. Now, without looking it up on the Grand Comics Database, I suspect that this one wasn't inked by Vince Coletta, as it lacks the usual feathering associated with his inks on Kirby pencils. 47387 Here's Silver Star #6, one of (it not the last) issue of this title, the second one Kirby started at Pacific Comics. As you can see, Kirby got even more stylized by this point, but some trademarks are still there, such as the Kirby Krackle! 6462 Here's Forever People #1, of course, part of the Fourth World titles. I love the designs on the early covers of these books! I don't love how Superman got altered from Kirby's art, but you know what happened there, right? The Supercycle was a great design, wasn't it? blackmagicv2n8 Black Magic #14 is a good example of how Simon and Kirby used a lot of blacks on their horror book covers to evoke mood. 2001n01 Lastly, we have 2001: A Space Odyssey #1. I've never quite understood why Marvel thought this would make a good ongoing title... was it Kirby's idea to continue it, or someone at Marvel? This series suffered in the earliest issues by imitating the basic form of the movie (flashback to the past, then to a future, lastly a transformation to a Star Child), but when Kirby broke away from that and let his imagination run wild, we got some great stuff... like Machine Man!

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