Friday, June 17, 2016

Covers Redux!

Time for another installment of "Comics Redux," in which I compare the original cover of a Marvel comic to the reprinted issue!
First up, we've got Fantastic Four #27 and the reprint in Marvel Collectors' Item Classics. As you can see, although the basic composition was the same, Kirby drew a new cover for this reprint!
When Sgt. Fury #15 was reprinted in Special Marvel Edition #13, as you can see, the biggest changes were reducing and shifting the blurbs.

X-Men #43's stat must've been missing some details when it was used for the reprint in issue #91. You can also see some force lines were added to the original cover, too.

When Fantastic Four #78 was reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics #60, it was shifted down slightly, and the upper background wasn't all filled in with black.

A bit more changes were made when Amazing SpiderMan #85 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #66. As you can see, it was reduced quite a bit, with the Kingpin and Vanessa figures shifted in position. I wouldn't be surprised if the Schemer had to be added to on the side.

An all-new cover was created when Sgt. Fury #9 was reprinted in Special Marvel Edition #7.

Next, we've got The Avengers #18 and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #12. As you can see, when the coloring was redone, the Commissar lost his body suit!

Last, but not least, here's Fantastic Four #106 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #86. AS you can see, everything got reduced, with some new art added on the sides to make up the difference. There was some cutting and pasting, too, unless I miss my guess.

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