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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cool Stuff Week, Day 2: More DC Stuff, Including Rare Style Guide Images!


Cool Stuff Week continues with more DC items!
From the early 1970s comes this two-color sign promoting DC's "Bigger and Better" comics!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Cool Stuff Week, Day 1: DC Stuff From Super Friends to Shazam and More!


In an attempt to get further ahead than I've been running here lately, I've decided this week will be all Cool Stuff posts! Let's see what we have for today:

We're still deep in DC collectibles territory here, and our first item is this Sgt. Rock set of Dual Field Communicators. This was an AHI item made during a brief period when there was a smattering of Sgt. Rock toys made, although I seem to recall most of them were made by Remco. I'm pretty sure this was an item that AHI was already making, and just needed a different color plastic and stickers to differentiate it from others.