Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cool Stuff: Superman Stuff!

Time for another installment of Cool Stuff, where I share images of things I've come across whilst looking through eBay listings!

This time around looks to be all Superman items, beginning with the above picture! As you can see, this toy line, called "Fiddlesticks," was a toy building set, and it's kind of nifty, if you ask me -- different pieces that can go in different configurations, plus a really unique Superman figure to go with it! If I had to guess, I would say this must've been produced around the time of Superman The Movie, given the Daily Planet logo on one piece.

No question that these came out in 1979, but you know, I've never seen these outside of the eBay auction I saved the pictures from! Looks like they had two different poses in a variety of colors. I'd imagine these would look pretty nice if someone painted them up properly!

What you see here is a Superman flying figure made and sold outside of the USA. Well, they call it a flying figure, but as you can see, you basically swing this thing around in a circle, and that's about it If the artwork was better, I'd think this was a lot cooler!

Here's yet another flying Superman figure that appears to be another swinging it around, although this one uses a different principle. This figure was made in Italy, although it was apparently sold all over Europe.

Yet another foreign Superman toy, this paratrooper figure is called "Super Voladore," but it's pretty obvious who he's supposed to be!

OK, enough foreign Superman items, let's get back to Stateside stuff, shall we? I'm pretty sure I've posted a picture of this frame tray puzzle before, but this was a better picture than I had in my files. One has to wonder why they drew this mad scientist with the hair and mustache, without it he'd look just like Luthor!

I'm not sure what is supposed to be so much fun about this Fun Poncho, but I bet I'd still would've wanted it when I was a kid!

Here's a Superman game, one of many, many Superman games produced over the years!

We're going to wrap up this installment with this Superman Game Book, which really should've been called a Superman Puzzle Book, right?

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